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I made a new thing (kick drum + bass material inside)
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Author I made a new thing (kick drum + bass material inside)
Update 11/3:
-Final version picture shown below. CHanges from original are the "click" was removed, and the filter is now a 2-pole (12 db) VCF with resonance. Also, there are 3 modes for the envelopes.
-Demo video:

-------original thread--------------
Sooooo, I like drums, and I like OTAs, so with the release of the DIP version of the AS3280 I decided to make a kick drum and bass synth using just 2 of those and some op amps, and I think it came out pretty good! It has 2 envelope generators (done old skool with a 4001) that can be AR or AD so it works as a kick or a bass synth. It has 4 waveforms, sine, and then a choice to mix it with 1 of square, tri, or 2x frequency sawtooth. I had an extra half of a 3280 so I put a little 6 db filter on it which can also be controlled by the pitch envelope. 8 HP Euro for the whole thing.

It uses the same VCA snipped out of the Pro-One/PRO2021 and slams quite nicely! Some samples below (sorry it starts clipping on the first one. I overdrove the input out in my shop and didn't notice.).

A pic of the unit:

Sound samples:  /sets/b1-sound-sample (kick mode)  /sets/b1-sound-sample (bass mode)
Nice. Good job. When will it be available?
Thank ya tjs! I'm thinking pretty soon. I just have to make some build documents and tidy everything up, so maybe another couple weeks! SlayerBadger!
Oops forgot link to samples in "bass mode". Link added to bottom of first post. Rockin' Banana!
mome rath
very cool

PCB/panel kits, yeah?
going to watch this smile
mome rath wrote:
very cool

PCB/panel kits, yeah?

For sure. Just gotta finish up the docs and boms. thumbs up
I'll take two of these, a crispy snare and a sizzling hat in a box to take away please. Miley Cyrus
Panason wrote:
I'll take two of these, a crispy snare and a sizzling hat in a box to take away please. Miley Cyrus

Heh, that sounds pretttty prettty good. hihi
I'm working on a second spin of this before release, with some improvements, so it will take a little longer, but will be better!
1) Tone control (LP VCF) is now 2 pole (12db)
2) In kick mode, VCO is reset (sync'd) to trigger pulse so waves start at zero for every hit. THis is something Roland does and I think it will be useful for short attack times. As a caveat, if you let the decay go reaaaaaly long, then if you re-trigger with the VCA still open a bit, you would hear a click when the wave get's re-synced for the next hit.
3) Trigger conditioning and impact "click" sound is improved.

I am just finishing the last part which is to make sure the Reset VCO signal only fires when in kick (AD) mode and is bypassed for Bass (AR) mode.

IF I can squeeze it in, I also want to put a sync jack which, when in Bass mode, will allow the VCO to take an external sync waveform from another oscillator, for more fun possibilities.

thumbs up
Nice sounding module!

Also, the bassline in the bass demo sounds very much like the Congo Bongo death tune. applause

(about 20 seconds into this video)

Hahahah yes!

I am a product of the video game generation indeed. It's probably in there somwhere. hihi
I made a crappy little demo video. Sorry for talking so much. Haha. I need to get better at this. The new version is complete and I am working on the build docs and will get some final panels (laser etch like my 2VL1. the demo one you see is a FPE engraved one. Not quite as nice as the production ones will be) made and for sale for those who want to build one of these.

BTW, that unit on the left is an early prototype. Pay it no mind. grin
Really happy with my 2VL1 dual osc, looking forward to this voice as well. Will then panel/PCB be available via THONK? Or is it easier to order directly from you? I have a US address which can handle small deliveries.
honeyb, I'll have an update soon re: purchasing panel/pcb sets. thumbs up
Looks great! I am enticed by this.

Does it have VCO reset, or is it free running? Thanks.

Edit: Arh, you mention that in the Video. Nevermind hihi
Sounds great, would love to have one of these.
So, what´s the difference between AS3280 and lm13700?. Both are double OTAs, but the 13700 are cheap as chips.

Im sure there´s a good reason MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Well, I'm not an expert on it as much as some are, but it is generally thought that the CA3280 is a bit better of an OTA from a distortion perspective, and I believe the way the linearizing diodes are implemented are better with the 3280. The 3280s are long discontinued, but since Alfa is remaking them again (and now in DIP format), I figured I would use some, starting with this module, which uses the VCA circuit right out of my Pro-One clone.

The price is not so bad on the AS3280s at about $4 a pop. Erika Synths has them, and I'm talking to Thonk now and it sounds like they are going to carry them.
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