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Barker - Berlin sound and reverse stabs
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Author Barker - Berlin sound and reverse stabs
I've been really enjoying the last two Barker albums.
Trying to figure out how he achieves this "reverse" or a slow attack sound, so prominent at the end of every 1-2 bars, especially on the tracks such as
Barker - Cascade Effect and Look How Hard I've Tried.
It has this effect of sucking you into the downbeat, which is awesome.
Also, I wonder how he gets these awesome Berlin chord sound, sounds a bit liek a resonator, but I have no clue how he achieves it exactly. It seems to be quite prominent among many OstgutTon releases.
what aspect of the slow attack sound do you struggle with? its just a chord stab but with the envelope set to long attack and short everything else?

the berlin resonator sound i'd bet my left arm is done using abletons resonator...
Rost + Licht X40MunQJp/

here is an instagram post of him where he shows the routing of 'look how hard i tried'

could be the optomix modulated, for that sucking effect
Also possible he is using reverse samples.
thanks all for help.
I've done more digging and also saw those instagram posts where Sam explains it's just done ducking a chord using two channels of Maths and two LPGs. That reverse sound as one of you said it's done using a slow attack envelope. I've tried reversing a stab but it didn't sound right.
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