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Replacing RK2 knobs
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Author Replacing RK2 knobs
I own 4 RK2s. This morning I went to replace the knobs on them, and while the input knobs all came off easily, the feedback knobs on all four seem to be stuck to the point where I'm afraid to apply more force. Is there something special about the feedback shafts that is making the knobs so difficult to remove?
Never mind, I was able to get them off with a pair of pliers and some elbow grease. They did have different shafts though. Still D shafts, and I think they were the same size, but they were definitely of a different make (different color with a notch in the top of the "D"). Not sure why that made the knobs so much harder to remove though. Maybe they were a hair bigger.
The FB control on the RK2 is a different pot. Has to be stereo. Just use pliers and some due care.
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