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R*S Stereo Mixer Questions
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Author R*S Stereo Mixer Questions
I have been considering getting the R*S Stereo Mixer for a couple of years now, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand how it works:

Possibly this is particular to the Eurorack version...

1. AUX L and AUX R inputs are audio inputs, but what does the arrow under them mean? I would guess IN 2 is normalled to AUX L and IN 1 is normalled to AUX R?

2. How much difference do the THAT2180B (or A or C) ICs make? The manual says A is "better, more $$$"

3. Does anyone use it with the low pass filtering CV mode and if so can you comment on that? I think I would tend to prefer the "plops" and "abuses" the manual references. It seems using an SSG or DUSG to slew the incoming CV slightly would solve that externally without needing to opt-in to the more difficult trimming procedure.
Aux L and Aux Rare external inputs that bypasses the gain and pan controls. Aux L being hard panned to Out L and Aux R to Out R.

1: the arrows indicates the direction the pan moves for the two channels. In the L ch the pan moves from L to R with positive cv’s and the pan pot all the way ccw. The R channel you need to turn the pan pot all the way cw to get the same response.
2: not much difference soundwise as I understand it. I think I put type B in mine.
3: I didn’t do that option on mine. I prefer just to slew my cv’s if I want smooth movements.

It’s a killer module capable of busting your speakers if you’re not careful combining manual gain with cv control. The only thing you have to be aware of is that the inputs bleeds a tiny bit through the aux inputs so you won’t get complete silence. There’s an easy mod that you can do that eliminates this.
I think it sounds pretty crappy at any setting beyond cleanish normal VCA gain, so not a great distortion or drive or anything like that. And somehow the CV ranges don't work anything like as nicely as the STS X Fader (don't have an UAP but have heard a friend say that sounds better too). The panning is fine.

That module was the only disappointment on my La Bestia II, much as I hate to admit it.
I’ll echo Corrupt’s sentiments, here. Apart from the balanced outputs, I’m somewhat underwhelmed but this module. I really don’t like the sound of it overdriving, either.
Thanks for the responses -- I am a little afraid of the speaker breaking aspect of it since I'm hoping to put my Serge system in my living room and let whoever drops by play with it, but I might have to be careful with that.

In light of this it seems non-essential since I really like the top section of the VCM and the Active Processor used as a VCA sounds good to me.
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