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Enclosure for D-2000 S-2000
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Author Enclosure for D-2000 S-2000
Just grabbed these and damn if they don't work together quite beautifully. Anyone have the pair in an enclosure? Can't really find anything that would offer protection and be playable.

Just curious. Yah fuck.s MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Can't argue with that, fuck me too, I suck

I would tell you to get an SKB pop-up case or a small mixer case but most of those were taken off the market. You could take an SKB or Gator 6U rotomolded case and cut it down so it is very shallow; then mount the rear door on the case with angle brackets or something similar.

Probably easier to find a 19" or wider hard-shell suitcase and mount the devices on the bottom with large bolts and standoffs. A SKB 9P1912-01BE case would be great for this job, just the right size.
GREAT I'll look into this SKB Case. Thanks for the help Eric!

The Agonizer!
I can report that the Road Ready RR8LC is actually perfect for the two combined.

You'll have a little extra room above or below the two units, which can be handy for storing the power bricks in travel, too (though I'd keep them powered with the bricks outside of the carpeted case)

I can't recall ever shutting the lid, but if you position them near the bottom should have good clearance for the tubes. 9E3K

I have a spring reverb in mine (for the r56), above the D2000 in the enclosure:

"Beefy ATA ball corners" ? SOLD.

Thanks EPTC! I'll check this out as well (also beautiful yellow rig man.. very jealous)
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