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FH-2 and Ableton Live CV Tools
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Author FH-2 and Ableton Live CV Tools

has anyone tried running Live's cv tools through Expert Sleepers FH-2? Can we do LFOs from Live's CV tools etc...? I am asking because I am not sure it only works with DC-coupled interfaces - I am also not sure FH-2 is cv coupled.

I am considering pulling the trigger on an FH-2 but wanted to make sure it works well with CV tools first...
not 100% certain but do believe that you would rather need a es-8 or es-3. If it works with silent way it works with cvtool.
FH-2 is not an audio interface, you want an ES-3 or ES-8.

The hint is in the name: these are CV tools not midi tools. That being said, some of the CV Tools (the rotating Rhythm Generator, e.g.) also send midi so you could use that with an FH-2 I guess But tbh you could just use/create M4L devices and create midi LFOs to send to the FH-2 for MIDI/CV conversation.
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