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Marbles external processing
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Author Marbles external processing
Has anyone had trouble with processing external voltages? When I run a quantized sequence into the Spread input, after having hit the EXT IN button, as outlined in the manual, the resultant output of Marbles is still unquantized, no matter where I put the knobs. Sometimes it’s somewhat close in pitch to the input sequence, sometimes it’s drastically different. I’ve followed the procedure outlined in the manual, along with a video I found demonstrating the process, but my results are quite different than expected. It’s frustrating, since I love Marbles, and just got a Rene v1 (behind the times, I know) hoping to run it’s quantized output into Marbles for further processing. very frustrating
In order to hear the same v/o-sequence you need to turn the Spread-knob fully ccw and the Steps knob at 12 0'clock.

The most tricky part is the clock at which Marbles shall sample the incomming cv-signal.
It needs a steady clock in the X clock input and this clock should be excactly the same as the sequencer-clock. So it is best with a sequencer that sends out ticks every quarter-note or whatever is the shortest notelength of your sequence.

This works fine for me.

Hope this helps.
Yes, it worked! Thank you.
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