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Favorite Krautrock-er solo albums?
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Author Favorite Krautrock-er solo albums?
I really enjoy Roedelius’s Selbstportrait I and maybe a less obvious choice Rother’s Katzenmusik but feel like their is a lot of solo work by similar pioneers which I haven’t been exposed to or spent proper time with. Anyone care to share their favorites under this criteria?
Check Holger Czukay - I first heard Boat Woman Song (utterly amazing - off Canaxis) but albums like Movies and Der Osten Ist Rot are full of joyous playfulness.

I mean::: [though actually it took me a few years of owning the LP to see the genius]

And I love this one (with the Can beat) - great story:
I'll second Holger but with On the Way to Peak of Normal. An absolutely wild record. Apparently Conny had to tell him to stop messing with it and just put it out already.

Honorable mention to Roedelius with Durche Die Wuste. Definitely check out Regenmacher from that record. Powerful stuff.
I have been dabbling in all that’s been mentioned here—thanks. I think I prefer Czukay’s solo stuff to Can, personally I can only listen to Can in limited does more like some odd party music to me than anything.

I really like Mr Livingstone I Suppose and the rest of the album in general, not sure how I missed that one by Roedelius. Very immersive recording great with headphones.
Check out Günter Schickert. I have is second album, Überfällig (1979), and it's great.
Another vote for Czukay, another repurposed Can track-

Also a big fan of PhantomBand, Jaki Leibezeit's post-Can group. They had two pretty distinct phases, I actually prefer the somewhat corny first phase-

as mentioned- all the Roedelius albums are worth hearing. I like Michael Rother's stuff, but it's more hit and miss.

Will check out Günter Schickert. watching this thread for more suggestions...
I'd also endorse Holger Czukay's work as worth visiting, especially the Canaxis, Der Osten Ist Rot and On the Way to the Peak of Normal albums. Likewise Michael Rother's Katzenmusik - great after a countryside walk.

Not sure how restrictive the 'Krautrock' label is here, but Holger Hiller from Palais Schaumburg put out a great solo album Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube (A Bunch of Foulness in the Pit) in 1983. I'm fairly sure this was made almost entirely of reel to reel tape cut-up/manipulation 'sampling' (with Hiller's natural vocals over the top) while his later, presumably less labour intensive album of this nature, 1986's Oben Im Eck relied more on digital sampling technology.

The Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube album is the winner for me, even the track "Johnny du Lump", despite the experimentation, given repeated radio airplay (hook after hook in there!), could easily have been a number one hit in an alternative universe.

Also from the same Dusseldorf 'axis' is Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator from the trio Der Plan who made numerous solo albums. I'm particularly fond of Wunderland (1984) for some of the playful elements. The opening track "Im Zoo" takes me right back to being a small child. On other tracks it seems he was utilising some of the natural world sounds from the same source as Holger Hiller.

I'll second Günter Schickert (a personal hero!), 'Samtvogel', the aforementioned 'Ûberfällig' and 'Kinder In Der Wildnis' are excellent albums! And make Manuel Göttsching's 'Inventions For Electric Guitar' pale in comparison (though it's not entirely out of merit, i'm also huge Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel fan!)

Michael Rother's 'Sterntaler' is a personal fave, basically a trio of Plank, Liebezeit & Rother!

I'm not sure if you can call either Sergius Golowin's *Lord Krishna Von Goloka'or Walter Wegmüller's 'Tarot' solo albums (because Cosmic Jokers, Witthuser & Westrup + guys from Wallenstein, etc., consist of the "backing" band..). But they're epic!

Peter Frohmader's first Nekropolis releases are filled with great tail end darker 'Krautrock'.

Klaus Bloch's 'Extreme Musik a La Ping Pong' albums are definitely worth a mention as well!

As well as too many to mention Klaus Schulze, Dieter Moebius and Roedelius albums..!
Oh yeah, and Edgar Froese's 'Ages' and especially the 'Epsilon In Malaysian Pale'!
Thanks for all the excellent suggestions, seems a higher percentage of prog/Krautrock bands produced very good solo albums verse other genres. I might of been short sighted to just include Krautrock in the title, listening to Robert Wyatt now and so many of his solo albums stick with me more than anything he did with Soft Machines...
And, the über kraut epic (Achim Reichel's pretty much solo) A.R. & Machines - 'Echo' (and the preceding, slightly lesser but still classic, 'Die Grüne Reise')!
Thanks for the Günter Schickert recommendation Gyroscope, really enjoying Überfällig.
Michael Rother Katzenmusik
Peter Baumann Trans Harmonic Nights
Holger Czukay On the Way to the Peak of Normal
Manuel Gottsching's entire catalogue
Another shout for Holger's Movies and Der Osten ist Rot.
I also like Irmin Schmidt's Toy Planet - ok it's a duo with Bruno Spoerri.
Michael Karoli's solo (forgot the name) is disappointing.
Digging a lot Eroc these days (4 albums titled 1,2,3 and 4). Plus it's totally obscure.
Think neofolk before it was cool + ennio morricone + italo-disco + modular + schlager
ModHiisi wrote:

Michael Rother's 'Sterntaler' is a personal fave, basically a trio of Plank, Liebezeit & Rother!

That is a very exciting prospect. I have a slow day at work tomorrow so I'll check it out.

Eroc 1 is a personal favourite of mine too. Norderland and Abendfrieden are both up there.
Wartimetapestry wrote:
Eroc 1 is a personal favourite of mine too. Norderland and Abendfrieden are both up there.

Check out Movie! by Holger Czukay
great thread!
thanks for the holger hiller recommendation, never heard of him!

i quite like the tonspuren record by dieter moebius:

my favorites are the roedelius tape archives:

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