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What would complement this rack so far?
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Author What would complement this rack so far?

I like to get some little rhythms going with either the Peaks or a VCO through the LPG, then get some random bleeps and bloops with the Scales or Marbles, and use a Keystep to play on top of it, to get an idea of what I do with these modules. I was thinking about Just Friends, but I can’t decide if it’s modulation overkill at the moment, everything feels pretty balanced, so I’m wondering what some fun directions to go could be.

I was considering getting one or two of the WMD chimera/crucible/fracture trio to up my drum game, but I think I would prefer to either add a dedicated drum row or just incorporate one of my existing drum machines.

My only limit is that the case is a Moog one so module depth is limited to around 48mm. I enjoy making self-generating music and I have an SQ-1 that I sometimes sequence with, but at the moment the case is primarily something that gets played manually.

i know you said you use the keystep with it, but i still fell like you could sill use some controller/expressive type module.

something like Intellijel Planar 2 or Tetrapad
I would also recommend the 4ms DLD !!!!

It is really perfect for rhythmic music. such a musical delay with so many clock divisions and multiplications, can make simple rhythmic patterns much more interesting.
syncs rock solid with pams workout too.
essential module IMO.
If your rack feels well balanced at the moment I would look for ideas in patching rather than in gear. You have loads of interesting stuff and it could be patched in any number of ways in addition to how you normally might do it.

I'd suggest having a look at demo vids for the modules you already own (and perhaps the ones you use least often) for patching ideas that you might not have considered when you bought it but, now you're more comfortable with it, might be an interesting challenge...
You have a pretty comprehensive set of modules already...
Since you seem to use it in a set-and-forget way, I would suggest a Triple Sloth for "Slow Chaotic Modulation" to give some movement ?
I just picked up a Livestock Electronics Maze about a week ago that I like a lot.
You've got plenty of sources and destinations that would be fun for some
animated routing or mixing.

Not a cheap module, but great fun. Also it can be extended by chaining more
than 1 together if desired.

Agree with last 2 posts - something for "related" modulations in addition to your kinks and regular mixers. Other modules for this are Doepfer matrix mixer, 4ms vca matrix, Worng vector space. Sequencer - used Rene mk1 is a steal nowadays. Another vco - I like Sputnik or Richter. Doepfer a-150, a-152, or a-166 would be nice additions. Rhythm generator - maybe Numeric Repetitor. VC crossfader and panner
Also agree with previous comments re modulation. For me the rack is a bit light on ways to control the amount of modulation going to different places and it’s also VCA light. There are plenty of CV sources (PAMs seems to that) and lots of inputs to take cv - but I want to either manually or automatically dynamically control that modulation. A Planar would be great, matrix mixer (great 4x4 from Doepfer) or as also previously mentioned the 4ms VCA matrix - really any way to change CV amount, over time, using other CV. And as a bonus any of the above would work dynamically/tweakably mixing audio also.
Little light on characterful sound sources, or sound processing maybe? New timbres could be had from either new/different oscillators or filters. Some suggestions in no particular order -

Stereo Dipole
Rubicon 2
Hertz Donut or Piston Honda mkIII
Erica Graphic VCO
Verbos Scan & Pan
sir stony
nios wrote:
Little light on characterful sound sources, or sound processing maybe?

I don't think so, really. Borg filter, wasp filter, mangrove, chopping kinky and the great destroyer, I'd say there's a good amount of character and bite.

I'd suggest something like the division6 dual mini sequencer, maybe a slew limiter, and another dual or quad vca to get some programmable modulation going without the need for external control.
I would say some kind of controller would compliment this rack. Perhaps a Tetrapad or even just some Allflesh jacks
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