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6U Dance Music Live Cases
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Author 6U Dance Music Live Cases
This is the 6U I used to play at Knobcon last weekend.

I originally started on 12U but over time learned to strip everything down to the essential elements. I really love playing on 6U because I can get very deep and complex with my patch but still remember what everything does. My 12U would only allow me to do basic patches before I started to get confused.

Does anyone else have a 6U dance rig? I know of the "small systems" thread but this is bigger than most of what is in there.[/img]
hey there!

i always play live on my 6U

doesn't feel limited at all
currently changed the percussion section to more osc/filters to make a ambient session in October but yea.... that's pretty much it

4 voices, plonk and squid sample doing percussion, blind panel is just a placeholder for the CV expander of the nerdseq love
Nice case!

I really need to pick up one of those Shakamat Hi-Pass modules.

I've also been eyeing that Squid Salmple. It's not small enough to make replacing the Assimil8or a no brainer, but the interface seems much better for changing stuff during your performance.

This is the system I put together last year for Vintage King showrooms and synth trade shows, but I road tested it by playing a few shows and it was quite awesome. Basically a full fledged groovebox.
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