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Building documentation of 5MU & EURO cases
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Author Building documentation of 5MU & EURO cases
Would like to show you how I have built my cases

useful for both:
5MU (dotCom) and

I will explain the reasons why I choose the material MDF elsewhere

Also, how I came to the uniform size

For the work I can rely on professional machines from a carpentry,
myself I am a skilled cabinet maker by profession

here we go:


After matching parts have been cut from the large supplied MDF boards,
I cut them here on the circular saw on the appropriate width

Next all longitudinal edges are provided with a small radius (2mm).

This happens at a table mill machine

the larger outer radius I cut at the assembled case later

Here I show how the 45 degree miter cut
This determines the size of the cases at the same time:

these are the finished parts:

Now, the assembly of the individual parts to the housing takes place

2 sides and 2 blankets / floor are joined together

For this purpose, the parts are placed with the outside up in the correct order clean on an edge and connected with tape:

this unit is carefully turned over

the cut edges now get the wood glue:

the whole is now folded like a carton:

Now it is placed on the back in a timely manner, making sure that it is flat

The last step here is to measure the diagonals so that the case glues at right angles:

the next steps will follow soon
As a replacement for the rails I take hardwood slats - here it is a wood called "Bubinga".
It's almost as hard as stone and even threads can be worked in there, like in metal

Parts of it are glued with the crossbeams:

These get at the head of slots for attachment to the cabinet

How to do it:

the slots in the box are milled with a special machine

You use templates to get uniform distances

some wood glue and a special wooden plate

Bridge inserted ...

...and fixed with clamps and pressed

the strips for screwing the panels are fixed in this way:

Before painting, everything is sanded thoroughly with 240 grit sandpaper
Here are the pre-primed and re-sanded cabinets already in the paint shop:

the edges first get the structure paint, so that the paint does not "run"

Finally, the cases receive a transparent coating

Assembly of handles and corner guards

here the first finished bunch of cases

and on we go with the assembly of the modules

equipped with 5MU and EURORACK modules: the finished result:

Wow, epic build! I love how it looks! w00t
Splendid work! Thanks for sharing..!

Some questions:

Did you use the "tap & die" technique for drilling the rails?

Is the back of the cases open from factor?

Would you mind taking a photo when the PSUs are in place? either for 5MU or Eurorack.
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