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Hey Tubbutec, any 66 ARP fix please?
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Author Hey Tubbutec, any 66 ARP fix please?
It's been so long since we reported the ARP issue... Would you be so kind and let us have a fix for it? it's a real frustration, it worked great before installing the mod. Thank you very much.
I thought the up & down bug was fixed since V1.23 and forther updates in 1.26. Have you tried it?
That's not about the same bug. It's about an issue with uneven patterns that the ARP plays that takes it out of any musical use. It's been first posted already a year ago, and in a few threads: 63cdb90c0a72326a55008c9

Why is it so hard to get it fixed so we can have our Juno ARP working normally again? This is so frustrating. We've asked so many times... The mod is already installed, but we can't use the ARP as before.

Tobi please help.
Hi, any fix for this regression issue please?
Hello Tobi, should we finally expect a fix for the disturbing bug the 66 has with the arpeggiator? We've been waiting for more than a year, please assist, as we do not have any way we can fix that ourselves... thanks for your support.
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