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How often do you shuffle modules?
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Author How often do you shuffle modules?
Either win the case they're housed in, or to another part of your system?

I seem to endlessly tweak for ergonomics/aesthetics. I pretend it's the dashboard of an Airbus. hihi

Latest tweak was to make a black border on my lower right p9

Constantly! It’s a sickness!!
Nice to have the option tho, innit hihi
As little as possible because it impacts speed a ton. I want to be very familiar with where everything is. I can perhaps switch something if i notice it really doesn't make any sense to have it there, e.g 9 out of 10 times having to use the longest patch cables for that module. But no, if i get a bunch of new modules (+ sell old ones) i spend a lot of effort getting it right in Modular Grid to be sure i want it like that.

People sometimes use the argument that it's good to do it because you use your system in other ways, i really don't agree and i don't see why you would, if you mean you always patch with the closest modules then you need to break that habit overall.
Each time I buy a new module but never again when the case is full. I see no point in putting potential music making time into rearranging my rack. The ergonomics wouldn’t change much anyway and all modules are already within reach.
Gringo Starr
I never do because I like knowing my instrument and becoming fluent with its arrangement.

Rearranging my studio however unfortunately happens more than I’d like. Limited space does that.
sir stony
I've made plans for two new cases, while two smaller cases will have to go, or at least one of them. So when those new ones are ready, there will be a big shuffling unavoidable.
Usually though, I leave my main rack alone, except exchanging a single module once in a while, or maybe swapping the places of two or three modules when I find that their previous placement impeded my desired work/signalflow too much. That is often induced by the module designs themselves. I like modules with a medium to high density, but that can be problematic if the wire jungle gets so dense that you just can't sensibly reach the manual controls anymore. Then, some rearrangement can help a lot.
sutekina bipu-on
Constantly, i get ideas for patches that would be fun and often pull a lot of modules from my bigger case to make a small setup in a skiff and play with that. I'll often make a setup and do a few recordings with it then put it back and throw another mini setup together
Too often. But I've become quick at it, and only move the really necessary stuff. I don't particularly enjoy doing it, so I try to work around it as long as I can. I wish cases could have something like sliding bus boards that could follow your module around the case, and modules could be fastened by magnets or something.
Constantly fiddling with the details as if I'm moving towards something more sensible. What constitutes sensible keeps changing though. But always within the same overall plan (sound sources and effectors on top, mixing in the middle, CV at bottom).
I was shuffling like crazy in the beginning, until I found my layout. Shuffle occasionally with new modules coming in, but that has slowed down so little shuffling going on.
been doing it a bit more recently, and find it a useful way to put different modules in the spotlight. because of the layout of my equipment, and the fact that i generally have a guitar in my lap, i find that modules which are in front of my right hand are easier to tweak. so recently i've been moving things that i want to explore more into the right side of my case, and have ended up using them more.

in terms of planning rearrangements, i used to use modulargrid, but last time i instead physically shuffled all the modules around in my case until they felt right. i found that things that look good on a screen might not feel right in practice. i have a relatively small (7U 104hp) case, so moving stuff is easier than if it were some massive setup.
Very rarely-- I hate rearranging them for all the same reasons as everyone else. I'd go even a step further and prefer to have a Shared System that is in one seamless piece like the easel or Endorphines system. thumbs up
Nutritional Zero
Every three weeks, give or take.
I had a major re-shuffle once. Didn't enjoy the process, didn't really like the resultant layout. Couldn't bear the thought of spending an entire day re-shuffling everything - when I could be patching it and enjoying myself. Have now left it so long before putting it back as it was that I am "used" to it. Provided the audio outputs are near the side mixer is on, and controllers (joystick/touchpads) are easily accessible, I am not convinced there is a "right" way to lay it out - any more than there is a "right" way to patch it.
File me under the "almost never/ hate doing it" camp.

I got my start in modular through VCV Rack, so the pain/chore of rearranging physical modules never even factored as a consideration. In VCV Rack, rearranging a big patch takes all of 30 seconds, so I hadn't considered this aspect of eurorack would change so much in hardware.

I think I spent 2 hours rearranging my case last time, and all I have is a Mantis. I can imagine it becomes an exponentially worse chore for the bigger wigglers around here. Dead Banana

I also have a hard-line aversion to empty spaces in my rack, now that it's full. Which makes rearranging/switching modules that much more of a hassle, because if I'm left with a spare 2hp in my new layout, that means I must now buy a 2hp module to fill it, even if I hadn't wanted to prior. Yes, that's my compulsion. No, it isn't healthy. Mr. Green
Homepage Englisch
Every shuffle is an opportunity to fry a module. Did it once or twice, but now my case is full, that's it. Time for a new case.
Whenever I make some major changes to the modules and how I approach the instrument. That's happened a few times, including just last week. Mostly it was a matter of closing up gaps and condensing things closer together, since I let go of a bunch of stuff.

I don't think there's such a thing as an ideal layout, but there are "good enough" layouts that you can get used to.
Now, only if I get something new. I used to have to rearrange between my live and studio cases but my live is set now, unless I get something new for it.
The short answer is, less often than I would like to. I was attracted to modular, probably like most people, to the power and flexibility of patching. But it wasn't until I had a pile of modules in front of me that I realized how interesting it is to design the physical layout. I guess I have a higher aptitude for industrial design/ergonomics than I do as a sound designer, and least of all as a musician.
Knurlies have changed my life. Honestly I find I get more interesting and musical things done on the synth when I'm not obsessed with getting the layout "perfect". The last system I had I spent way too much time and money trying to wind up with a perfect fitting set of stuff, now I just move it around wherever I want it and don't worry about it because I assume it's temporary.
Since my case is full, I rearrange only when I buy a new module. And since I am now tweaking my setup, rather than building it, I buy only once every couple of months now.
I recently moved a lot of modules between my two cases because I had an upcoming liveshow and I didn't want to carry two cases to the venue. So I made a few compromises by putting everything I needed into one case and sacrificing some functionality by removing some modules from this case and putting them into the other one.
The end result was that I almost have the same functionality in one rack and a whole bunch of redundancies in the other. Now I'm considering selling the whole second case and the modules in it because I guess I can get along well without them. hmmm.....
Had to do a shuffle just now because my Braids wasn't playing well in the case that contains all my LFO's. Swapped Braids + Plaits with E352 and it's all fine now. 352 don't mind bathing in the neighbor's pool.

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