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200e goes microtonal!
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Author 200e goes microtonal!
New patch demonstrating 200e microtonal abilities!

The 225e and the oscillators themselves can be quite finely tuned. Of course, as is well known, they cannot be made to track in a microtonal scale. But, if you have eight oscillators, you can make an eight-note scale. That's enough for a whole octave! Perhaps a brute force solution... one oscillator just to play a single note. Nevertheless, I think the results are pleasing. Also, the 200e stays tuned when you turn it off and turn it back on.

I tuned the 200e to match the tuning of the Indonesian Pelog scale that comes with the Sequential Prophet 6: so now I have a whole microtonal ensemble.

It seems to me that the 225e, as it sends out perfectly tracked signal via the internal MIDI bus, could be upgraded to incorporate custom tunings. I see Korg going this way... perhaps others are interested in such a concept?

Here is the patch:

Here is a track I made with the patch:

Nice discover and sonic journey.
This track is dope ! applause woah

Regarding the Microtonal programming, i don't have a 200e anymore but you should be able to achieve it with the 223e as well. You can edit each of the key quite precisely (cents ?) so that should give whatever scale your programmed. You would need to do it one key by one which is time consuming though.
Be Sandy?
Good stuff.
I edited your post so the videos embed - hope that's ok.
Just use the regular url (not the one), take the s out of https and then wrap in the video tags. If you try to edit your post you'll see what I did.[/video]
Very nice, thank you, pretty close to the Australian Banjo frog as well:
Very nice, thanks for sharing!
That was really good! Please keep posting stuff here
Thanks to all who contacted! Really appreciate the comments:

MechaSeb: Indeed, I just acquired a 223e, and had noticed that it also offers fine tuning! Also, I just scored a 252e, which does as well! The possibilities. Still, would love to see it on the 225e for EACH NOTE.

Be Sandy?: Thanks for embedding!

beyourdog Ozz ws9848 Thanks for the comments. Glad to see people like videos being posted. I personally like seeing patches put on MW, and discussion about new methods.

I also got a private PM, asking about my process for writing it, and it was suggested I can post the reply publicly. The question was whether I am trying to recreate a traditional gamelan track. The answer is: yes and no. I am not trying to exactly use gamelan technique, and did not study gamelan rhythm and melody. I do listen to a lot of gamelan, and always go to any local performances. So, I am familiar with it.

So, it seemed to me: this scale sounds so good with fast, percussive, rhythmic music, so why not write something that uses these elements. I can indulge my interests in polyrhythm, polymetre and microtonality.
good work, thank you.
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