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Trigger sequencers - SWT16+ or BeatStep Pro ?
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Author Trigger sequencers - SWT16+ or BeatStep Pro ?
I've been doing my trigger sequencing from Ableton via ES-3...but I'm looking to move the duties to hardware world.
Planning to trigger drum modules/sounds/samples and envelopes, etc.
I'm looking at BeatStep Pro as it has 8 outputs (tap function, etc. + 2 lanes of CV sequencing with Velo!) but I'm also intrigued by SWT16+ module, which I can purchase as a DIY kit.
SWT16 seems like an ace module, with 16 tracks (8 would be sufficient in most cases), some performance features, Euclidean pattern gen (love thy Euclid!), random, etc.
I think some or most of these things can be done with Beatstep Pro, which has a similar price and doesn't take up space in the case...but is itself quite large + needs its own power supply, etc. + a different interface to euro. Some people seem to swear by it (including some techno darlings such as Blawan & Surgeon, etc).

So I'm on a fence about picking up either one at the moment, and I'm looking for your feedback on trigger sequencing using either of these devices, but also any tips on other modules/ways of triggering.

I've had a SWT16+ for a few months and I really like it. I got it to support my Trigger Riot with more controlled patterns. Having 16 outs is a real luxury, I use 8 outs in "trigger mode" for drums and such and 8 outs in "gate mode" so you can tie gates together for controlling switches and so on.

Super easy to dial in XOX-patterns, using Euclidean to generate patterns, switching between presets and so on.

It comes with a printed manual and you really need it, there are lots of options that are impossible to figure out without it. I guess that is the price you have to pay for all those functions and outputs in just 20 hp.

I've never used a Beatstep Pro so I can't compare them though.
I have a Beatstep Pro but have ended up with an in-rack trigger sequencing option. The triggers out on the BSP are 12V which has never made sense to me - most modules want between 5V and 10V so in nearly all cases benefit from attenuation - and you'll need a lot of them if you want to use all 8. I wanted to get the SWT16+ but couldn't wait for them to release it in the end as I had a gig coming up that I wanted a sequencer for and the opportunity came up to get a Bastl Knit Rider for a really good price so I took it (great pattern sequencer, by the way. Not as many outputs but really playable). The Beatstep Pro is great and I've had a lot of use out of mine both live for the large number of sequences it can store and in the studio because of the connectivity and midi to cv/gate format conversions it can do, but if the trigger sequencer is your main motivation for buying then there's better options. Personally I'd go for the SWT16+ as I find it's nice to have everything in-rack.
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