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Serge/Any: Ratcheting with DUSG and a Sequencer
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Author Serge/Any: Ratcheting with DUSG and a Sequencer
Hey folks,

Here's a patch built from the simpler DUSG patches that can be used for ratcheting.

Use one side as a master clock and set the other side into cycle mode. For clarity's sake, let's call these the master clock side and the envelope side. You will want the envelope side to be slower than the master clock. Patch END of the DUSG master clock to advance your sequencer and patch END to the IN of the slower, envelope side.

Now use a row of sequencer voltages to decrease the fall time of the envelope side. This will mean that the sequencer advances at an exact rhythm that never changes and the envelope side will repeat multiple times per step.

You can do this with other modules and in other formats. You could substitute the sequencer voltages for a S&H or any other stepped voltage source for similar results.

Here are a few demos of the patch in action:
On form as ever. thumbs up

Voltage controlled ratcheting - definitely a concept worth exploring.
ari ellis
I love stuff like this! A personal favourite variation uses a make noise maths instead of the dusg: i feed an attenuated random voltage (maybe with some offset) to the cycle input of the ratcheting “envelope” side of maths, which gives probabilistic control of the ratcheting.
Thanks ari! Yeah, I like Maths better for low audio rate stuff and all the different patching inputs (signal in, trigger in and cycle input).

Nice take on it with the random voltage!
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