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Expert Sleepers Confusion
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Author Expert Sleepers Confusion
Hey all.

I'm wondering if someone can lend some advice here.

There's a big selection of different ES modules and other brands that allow me to get CV and or Audio in and out of my modular gear from Ableton.
Es-3, Es-6, Es-8, Fh-2 and I'm a little confused about which ones are suitable for what I need.

I'm not even sure an ES module is the right call, as I know there's other brands that make similar interfaces.

I use a UA Apollo Twin Mk2 ( the black one) which only has ADAT IN, not ADAT OUT.

Ableton have also just released their CV tools so I can come straight out of my UA Apollo Twin interface and straight into my modular as it's DC coupled.

Essentially I really just want to send a few channels of MIDI / CV out to my modular and then record the audio back in. But happy to use a input on the apollo to record the audio from my modular.

As far as I can tell, the lightpipe / adat modules are off the cards as my apollo only has an ADAT in. (which is better used for expanding my pre-amps)

1) Do I even need a module to do this? As I can just come straight out of the two line outs of the apollo according to ableton (I'm limited to only the two outs though if I do this right?)

2) If I do get an ES module or similar, which one do you guys most is suitable? I'd like to continue to use my Apollo as the main interface which is connected to my monitors / headphones etc. I dont want to have to be changing soundcards in Ableton.

Thank you all so much.
it's a total minefield out there.
You'd need an ADAT output on your interface to use the ES-3.

You could get an ES-8, but it's a separate USB interface. If you're on Mac that should work okay; if on Windows it requires ASIO4All drivers and may not work very well.

It looks like the Apollo Twin can be "cascaded" over Thunderbolt so it appears as a single interface, which would give you two more inputs and outputs. But rather than doing that, I'd personally choose a bigger interface with more I/O built in.

I know people hate the brand, but I'm happy with my Behringer UMC1820. 8 analog ins, 8 analog outs, ADAT in and out. It's working very nicely with an ES-3 and ES-6.
last week asked a similar question here on the forum
& someone suggested MOTU 24Ao for output, MOTU 24Ai for input
can work standalone, can transfer inputs to ADAT or USB

the PERCUSSA ssp has 24 ins & outs through USB (dc coupled!), some are mirrored / mixed from/to the Hardware in/outs
starthief wrote:
if on Windows it requires ASIO4All drivers and may not work very well.

Why does it require ASIO4All ?
guigui wrote:
starthief wrote:
if on Windows it requires ASIO4All drivers and may not work very well.

Why does it require ASIO4All ?

I believe the Expert-Sleepers driver allows the ES-8 to operate on Windows, but in order to have the equivalent of an "aggregate device" on Windows, you need to use ASIO4ALL.

guigui wrote:

Oh, damn! woah The one to rule them all. Exciting news!
I am on a Mac. So as I understand it, I can create an aggregate device that sort of merges two sound cards into one correct?

Secondly does anyone have experience with the FH-2?
It looks like it may do exactly what I need without being a full sound card and acting like a whole seperate sound card.
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