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Looking for synare tympani schematics
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Author Looking for synare tympani schematics
dot matrix madness
Searching for an analog tympani/kettledrum implementation I came across
the rare Synare Tympani (see links in thread below), which sounds pretty like the real thing.

Synare tympani

I would like to give that a go replacing the sensor by CV and trigger inputs for use in a modular system, but could find any schematics.
Maybe somebody here has more info.
Thanks in advance.
The tympani is not analogue but a sample stored in ROM. Are you talking about modding one or making from scratch? It has an analogue envelope and filter though. I have a load of the photos but I did not take them, its from my archive, I need to start recording where I get things from!

Here is a photo of the inside and a closeup of the ROM and DAC
dot matrix madness
clack wrote:
The tympani is not analogue but a sample stored in ROM.[...]

That explains a lot. Thanks very much for these infos!
I'm thinking of an analog approach similar to bass drums or toms. The physics of the timpani are somewhat different as the fundamental is suppressed by the kettle and the air hole.
Gordon Reid did some inspiring stuff: timpani-synthesis
which I will try on my Nord Micro Modular first, and then try to translate that into analog circuits. Nice would be of course a fully tunable timpani that can be CV-controlled like a VCO.
But first I have to finish some other drum related stuff from my to-do list.
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