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Help me troubleshoot Pharmasonic 708
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Author Help me troubleshoot Pharmasonic 708
Hi all, I'm hoping this one will be really easy!


My Noise Source/Ring Mod is working as advertised, but I'm not able to get a 10Vp-p output level from the noise source as the calibration notes suggest. It is only about 4Vp-p with the NOISE trim cranked all the way up for maximum level. I didn't have any problems calibrating the Ring Mod part of the module according to the calibration notes, and it outputs weird metallic sounds when feeding audio signals into it, which to me pretty much says the ring mod is working.


I've checked all the components enough times to believe that they're correct, so I am reaching out for assistance on this issue. Can anyone suggest what I should try to get the noise output level boosted to where it ought to be?
this is common with noise sources. the actual level of noise is highly dependent upon the transistor you use. so you can either swap out for a noisier transistor, or adjust the gain to get the level you want.
If you can, add a socket for the transistor and try a bunch of different ones of the same type till you find one that is loud enough.
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