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Easel envelope behaviour?
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Author Easel envelope behaviour?
I've always thought my Easel isn't quite right regarding the way the envelopes behave, the decay, and release controls seem to have an extremely long decay after reaching a certain point, almost turning into a hold function, it's difficult to get really long slow decays and releases after a certain point of travel of the sliders, it just goes on forever. Is this normal, or does it need calibrating?
There is no calibration for the envelope. Assuming the Buchla instruments follow the original schematics somewhat closely I suspect this is related to a "fix" that was implemented to improve the behaviour of the envelope in sustain mode. Unfortunately this "fix" doesn't truly fix the sustain issue though and also causes the "permanently on" behaviour you're seeing at certain slider settings.

I designed a module for clone easels which sorts all these problems out. I have thought about making a fixed envelope card for BEMI/Buchla easels as well but I don't have access to one to test with so that won't happen until I find someone local to me who has a 208 for me to play with.
ArguZ wrote that the clone boards are compatible with BEMI Easels wink 075067
papz wrote:
ArguZ wrote that the clone boards are compatible with BEMI Easels ;) 075067

I've heard this. The BEMI card must have the end pulse implemented for the self cycle mode to work though and I would need to make sure I send it to the same pin. I wouldn't feel comfortable selling cards that I had not tested completely in the hardware they are intended to work with...
So I guess, without a mod, this is "normal behaviour" ?
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