Sync question Pams>midi splitter>ableton

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Sync question Pams>midi splitter>ableton

Post by sillyhatsclub » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:54 am

don't really know who else to ask about this, and y'all are a smart bunch so:

im having issues passing a midi signal sent from my pam's new workout into a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru to my midi>usb cable plugged into my computer. The other hardware plugged into the splitter are all picking up the midi signal, just not the midi>usb cable. It is, however, able to pick up the signal when plugged directly into my Pam's midi output, so i guess that means something must be happening in the splitter box to make the usb unable to pass the signal?

any idea on solutions? anyone run into something like this before?
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