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SMUX & Cubase 10 question...
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Author SMUX & Cubase 10 question...
Hello, recently acquired an ES-3 and the Silent way software, and as i am working at 88.2khz i try to figure out how to get back the 8 CV channels on the module back.

Should the smux plugin be placed on a stereo group channel in Cubase, then how to route to it 4 channels ? I can do left & right routing but no way to get all four separated, they just mix down to the same output on the ES-3.

Sorry if it's said before, i ran thru a lot of threads here and couldn't find the answer.
confused d'oh!

So like every new hardware/software it needs some time to realise how stupid we are smile
Every smux plugin receives two channels and has to be routed to a mono out.
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