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QU-BIT Pulsar Question
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Author QU-BIT Pulsar Question
Hello, I am still a noob to modular and just starting to dig into each modular trying to learn one at a time. I am just starting with QU-BIT's Pulsar and I feel I have the basics down, but I am struggling with wrapping my head around some of the more cooler, complex things it can do.

Here is one thing I would like to do but 1) I am not sure it is possible 2) If it is, how to do it?

Let's say I have a sequence on channel one that has a pulse on step 3,6,9,12 and 15.

Is it possible to have a clock pulse start a channel’s sequence from step one, have the sequence play all the way to step 16 then advance a step and stop until another clock pulse is received, which then would start to play the channel’s entire sequence from step two then advance a step and stop until the next clock pulse (and so on and so on)

Hopefully, I described what I am trying to do adequately. If anyone can help me out and share some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated!
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