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Sidrax or Deerhorn?
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Author Sidrax or Deerhorn?
I have a Sidrax, but I’m not gelling with it and would like to trade it for a Deerhorn. I was wondering what other people’s preferences are between these two?

Can the Deerhorn be played in a tonal context, or is it always atonal?
They can both be atonal or tonal, depending on how you have it pitched and patched. The sidrax is probably a bit easier to tune because you can tune each barre individually. The deerhorn tuning is a bit more finicky as the tuning knob changes the pitch of both oscillators.
Totally agree with everything above. To paraphrase something from Hainbach's demo (definitely worth checking out if you haven't), it's easier to tune the Deerhorns to frequencies that sound good rather than specific pitches.

I'll add that one I thing that I wish the Deerhorns had was a switch to bypass the VCA's on the white output jacks. Unlike the Sidrax, you have to gesture to get audio out of the Deerhorn- so in order to get FM sounds with just the DH, you'd have to play/hear the carrier and modulator at the same time. It's a minor gripe, though.
Can the Deerhorn bellow be slewed, or is it always two sharply-distinguished pitches?
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