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Polyend Poly 2 & OP-Z
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Author Polyend Poly 2 & OP-Z
I am really confused, hopefully one of you will shed some light.

Setup on the Polyend:
- Set to 4 voices. V1->CH1, V2->CH2, V3->CH5, V4-CH7
- Mode set to Channel

Here are the issues I am having.

1) Gate1 reacts to all gates signals that the OP-Z sends, it's not only using the gate signals coming from CH1 as expected. When I activate OP-Z Track-1 and Track-7 and connect the Gate-1 to my clock IN, I get both rhythmic sequence mixed. This is unexpected.

2) While I can hear my VCO when I connect it to Gate3 and Pitch3, when I do the same with Gate4 and Pitch4 nothing is heard. I am lowering the OP-Z octave at the lowest, still nothing.

Somehow I am pretty sure I had this working. But I do not see what I am doing wrong, this is so simple (although I am a newbie)

Patches are simple, Voice3 works not Voice4
Voice3 : Gate3->VCF Gain, Pitch3->VCO 1v/oct, VCO Tri->VCF IN
Voice4 : Gate4->VCF Gain, Pitch4->VCO 1v/oct, VCO Tri->VCF IN

In the case of Voice4 and the OP-Z arp, I even think I could hear the arp sequence in my modular at one point. Not anymore, can't hear anything not even the notes when I play them.

Side note - I even have added O_c CopierMaschine (to see if the visual would even move) on the path of the Gate and the Pitch and when I am using Voice3 it works but nothing when I am using Voice4.

Anyone has been successful with these two connected together?
Thanks in advance.
Other tests I have made...

- In the setup I am describing, I can assign to Polyend Voice 4 any channels from the OP-Z (1 to 8) and hear them. Only channel 7 does not work.

- I have confirmed that the OP-Z midi settings are the same for all 8 channels.

There seems to be something with the arp track on the OP-Z although I am almost 100% It did work at some point...
yikes... i've been waiting to see if this module is the right way for me to connect my OP-Z to my eurorack. hopefully this gets sorted out!
For those who care about the use of the OP-Z and Polyend Poly 2...
(and for the support team at Polyend...)

I am pretty confident that I am doing things right at this time and still I encounter unexplainable behaviours.

OP-Z is connected directly to the Polyend Poly-2 Host USB Type-A port.

Here is a simplified description of my setup and the observed behaviours.

On the OP-Z (Firmware 1.2.8) :

1) Midi setup: only MIDI Clock Out and Outgoing MIDI enabled. (in module mode only leds 3 and 5 are lit)

2) Tracks 1-8 are set to spit out midi (in module mode, shift pressed, leds 1-8 are lit)

Note: Although #2 above, the tracks have to be audible for the MIDI message to be sent (This is unexpected but not in the way for the issue I am describing here). As such in the test below all OP-Z tracks are turned on (in Mixer mode, pressing shift shows all 16 leds lit).

On Polyend Poly 2 (Firmware 1.1):

1) Only 1 voice is setup, mode channel, when I bind it successively to each of the channels I observe the following:

CH1: All gate events for all the tracks on the OP-Z are received
CH2,5: No gate signal received
CH3,4,6,7,8: OK, gate events from respective track are received

Side notes:
- When I go to Setup/Gate View, only 1,3,6,7 are lit.
- CC1 is configured as Clock (which works but I do not understand how the binding to the right midi channel works here)

Anyone can make sense of this? Your help is greatly appreciated.
did you try contacting Polyend with this? They are pretty responsive on Facebook...
That was my next step, as somehow the behaviour is flaky, now the clock via CC no longer works... Can't make sense of this.
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