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Author CardOC
What do the mod, asd and rand inputs do on a CardOC?
They send the CV generated in the Easel into the 4 input CVs.
Depending on the app you use you can either derive notes for the quantizer, animations for the Lorenz attractor or speed control for the sequencer.

On the cardOC 2.0 the internal and external inputs can be used together due to additional summing circuits.
On the older cardOC one has to chose internal or external and that is what the switch is for.

Aaaaah, now I see.

I thought rand was going to be some sort of logic function. Duh!

Let's pretend this didn't happen smile

When were the 2.0 cards released?
Just a few weeks ago..
The old ones have a PCB socket, the new ones have a blue Sullins connector.
We are thinking about some kind of upgrade patch, but it is a lot of hardware that goes into a cardOC.
The software is the same actually, but we added that conector, found a better way to filter noise from the OLED, and the biggest improvement is the summed inputs so one can for example use the sequencer to play a simple melody and the 218 transposes it pitch perfect (within th 208 limitations of course )
Is the hemisphere alt firmware compatible?
Not sure, you should ask the creator of the hemisphere if he made it compatible.
The hardware will not change
The software it is running now is heavily customized by Max and all apps have been adapted to unipolar voltages, 1.2V scale etc.
The same has to be done for either the hemisphere app or the full suite.
I'm digging this card; good work.
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