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Buchla USA Podcast
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Author Buchla USA Podcast
The newest episode of Robert (Mutierend) and my Buchla podcast "Source Of Uncertainty" is now available at, and most podcast providers.

We talked with Eric Fox of Buchla USA and Foxtone Music to get an idea of what happened during the BEMI/Buchla USA transition and everything leading up to all the new releases they have coming up (RED PANEL, 208c, 100 & 200 Series reissues).

We also explore the RED PANEL modules with our friend Tim Held of Podular Modcast.

Thanks for listening!
Nice one! Thanks, really enjoyed hearing what is in store for Buchla USA.
Fantastic! thank you for another great podcast, my favourite podcast atm. Its really nice to hear the red panel in action, with extensive demos.
Oooh, looking forward to listening to this. I'm as excited about the Red Panel stuff as I've been about anything in quite a while.
Again, great show!
Great interview with Eric Fox. He seems like such a awesome guy and a solid leader for this new chapter of Buchla.

And a new 200e module and interaction based something under the direction of Joel Davel?!? Could not be more excited.

Great podcast!
Great job on the interviews! Fun to fill in some of the gaps in the story and hear about some of the things to come.
I like that Eric referred to the 200e as Buchla's "flagship."
Infinite thanks for doing these shows. They’re as informative as they are entertaining.
Eric Fox was accessible, open, down to earth and cooky funny; a breathe of fresh air! thank you for the long interview.

Radio interviews are so much more relaxed than any type of camera and you tube videos - for obvious reasons - and its so great not to have to watch yoututbe (and scream in annoyance at youtube synth demos, ha) to get the low down on the latest incarnation of the buchla company.

i get the feeling that: Buchla fans can rest assured that a hard working fellow is taking Buchla into new spaces and heights.
As always, this was an excellent listen.
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