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Knot Alternative Display Part
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Author Knot Alternative Display Part
Anyone know if there's an alternative part to the specified Kingbright ACPSC04-41SYKWA 7-segment display unit?

The yellow version seems to be unobtainium (though Mouser does have a red version in stock).
I spent a little while looking for an alternative because the yellow one was out of stock and the part used is sort of expensive. I wasn't able to find anything in the same footprint with the same number of segments, etc.

I'd guess the red should work. I was thinking about going with red and using red smd leds for the jack lights, but then the yellow was restocked on mouser just in time for me. I think I saw a green version on mouser as well. But as far as other options, I'm not sure there are any immediately available.
Thanks for getting back to me @bman.

Im building two, and I’m going with yellow for one, and red for the other, paired with yellow and blue jack-light LEDs, respectively, I think.
I discovered RS here in the UK has both Yellow and Red variants.
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