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Problems with ES Encoders in VCV Rack
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Author Problems with ES Encoders in VCV Rack
So I`m still struggling to get VCV and the ES-5 encoder to work properly. My routing is as follows: Gate source to input 1 on 8GT encoder, 8GT output to input 1 on ES-5 encoder, ES-5 encoder to outputs 7/8 on my ES-3. As I understand it, the gate should have appeared on output 1 on my ES-5 (hardware) module. Changing the output from the 8GT to input 2 on the ES-5 encoder should have my gate appear at channel 1 on my ESX-8MD (It`s connected to Expander header 2). It does not confused
I have no problems using the setup with the Silent Way vst in Ableton, where I can access all outputs on both ES-5 and ESX-8MD.
I purchased the vcv silent way suite, and using the CV to Midi module setting it up as in the video tutorial, still nothing.
Can I assume that something basic like sending a Rack LFO out to the ES-3 output 7/8 works OK?
Routed a VCV LFO sine output directly to the 7/8 on the ES-3 (not through any encoders); the lfo signal is arriving at the synth, not sure what it`s controlling tough, seems like shifting the presets / general midi havoc (but all the lights on the esx-8md lights up tempo synced to the lfo, and on the ES-5 the first 6 gates alternates with the last two.
When the CV to Midi module is hooked up like in the tutorial, all lights on the 8MD and the ES-5 lights up synced to the gate input signal on the CV to Midi. Sometimes the synth spits out some weird noises but hardly anything related to what I`m trying to send it hmmm.....
OK, so sounds like there's a connection there at least.

Could you post a screenshot of the VCV setup?
Looks OK - are those the right inputs on the Audio-16 though?

Have you tried putting a Rack LFO into every input on the 8GT encoder?
Yes those outputs are routed to the ADAT ch 7/8 (all unity gain throughout totalmix). As said, it works fine with the Silent Way vst suite with those routings.

It seems like it didn`t like being clocked at 48kHz; at 44.1 now and I`m getting proper midi data. However, I`m a bit perplexed:

Going into inputs 1-8 on 8GT into inputs 1-3 on ES-5 encoder: no data/lights on either ES-5 or 8MD.

Going into inputs 1-7 on 8GT into inputs 4 on ES-5 encoder: Data is sent on all 8MD outputs, and the synthesizer connected gets the expected signals from vcv. ES-5 lights up in an odd manner: inp 1 on 8gt no lights, input 2 on 8gt light on channel 1 on ES-5 module lights up, input 3 on 8gt lights on ch 1 and 2 lights up on es-5 etc until input 8 on 8GT has no data reflected on 8MD however the light on ch8 on the ES-5 lights up. Midi data is only sent to 8MD using inputs 1-7.

moving on...

using input 5 on the ES-5 encoder works aswell, but here using ch1 on the 8GT sends nothing to the 8MD but activity light on CH1 on the ES-5 lights up. Input 2 on the 8GT into input 5 on ES-5 encoder finally does send the midi data only to the first channel on the 8MD. Input 3 on 8GT sends to ch1 and ch2 on the 8MD, input 8 on the 8gt sends MIDI to all channels on the 8MD.

Puh. What`s going on?
Two things - first is easy, you have the outputs of the ES-5 Encoder swapped going into the audio device. This is swapping 1-3 with 4-6.

Second - you're on Windows, I take it? See
Okay swapping the outputs of the ES-5 encoder into the audio interface makes these changes:

-only input 1 on the ES-5 encoder does anything.

-inputs 1-7 on the 8GT trigs all outputs on 8MD (inp 1 on 8gt no light on es-5, inp2 lights up ch 1, inp 2 lights up 1 and 2..........inp 7 lights up 1-6 on es-5 but input 8 on 8gt only lights up ch8 on es-5 but nothing sent to 8MD.

Just breifly scanned through the link you posted; a little over my head to be honest, but as far as I could tell, this problem has something to do with combining vcv/ES and windows, and there might not much I can do about it?
Well, Rack is open source, so you could make the suggested change and rebuild it yourself.

Or you could contact VCV and mention that this is an issue for you, which might raise their inclination to address it.

See also

There's a workaround suggested there, which is to feed a constant signal into the 8GT input 8.
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