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ES-5 Clocks
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Author ES-5 Clocks
Is it possible to send out more than one clock signal on an ES-5 from an ES-8?

I don't understand the pattern at all.

Output 1 Makes sense. Output 1 is the ES-5, and all 8 outputs are sending the same clock signal.

Gates 1/1 - 1/8 have no pattern that makes sense, short of being some division of 256 from the ES-5 Controller output.

Ranging from no output, to whatever its doing by 1/8. Is this the expected behavior? How does it work? Thanks!

Ok, this "Works" according to the pattern outlined above, I get two signals.

1/5 overlapping 1/3 is not a problem in this case. Can't get outputs 1 and 2 to work like this. **Edit** ok, 1 and 2 work using gates 1/3 and 1/4.

Is it possible to get all 8 to work, like Pam's new workout?

Looks like the plug-in is being affected by a non-0dB gain, e.g. the track fader. Or you have it on a mono track instead of a stereo one.

Can we see more of the DAW setup, rather than just the plug-in window?

Also, is the ES-8 the only audio interface involved here?
Sure thing,

The ES-8 is the only interface as far as Bitwig is concerned, it pipes into Voicemeeter, and is output to speakers via a second interface.

This describes the master out routing in Bitwig. The 'ES-5 Clock ' track is operating on a stereo pair 7 & 8. The track fader is in its default position

This is what it looks like when I hit play in transport.
One thing I will add, (that seems like a separate thread, but clock related). Is the ES-8 defaults to ADAT clock in the control panel and that results in a periodic feedback loop, that sounds like a filter sweep. Changing that to internal clock makes that go away. I have to set that more or less every time I restart the computer.
Bitwig track faders don't default to 0dB. Set it to 0dB and it should start working as expected.
So far so good, that looks like it works. I'll keep you posted.
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