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Looking for a complementary Filter for my case
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Author Looking for a complementary Filter for my case

I'm quite new to the forum and to eurorack. I've started my journey a few months ago (before that I used my Sub37 and 0coast) and I've allready noticed that I need a second Filter. So I'm looking for a nice complement to the Three Sisters. Here is my current case:

I've searched on the forum and watched different videos, so obvious choices would be Belgrad (which I don't like from the videos I've watched) or QPAS. I've read on the forum (don't now were this actually was) that a Three Sisters would pair well with a SEM like Multimode Filter. I really enjoy my Instruo CS-L, so would a Instruo Filter (1-o47) a great combo/complement for the CS L and the 3sisters?

I hope you can help my to find a nice sibling for my sisters.

thanking you in anticipation
sutekina bipu-on
The Doepfer Wasp filter is one of the most beloved filters amongst Eurorack fans, though it has a very specific sound and definitely isn't a good starter filter or even only filter.

I love and swear by the York Modular sallen key 2hp filters. They are great. Get a low pass and a hi pass, stuff them in wherever, and that's often times the only filters I use.

Aside from that, a great jumping off point is listening to comparisons of doepfer filters on youtube to get a sense of the different flavors out there. Then decide what you like the sound of the best and go from there.

I don't know what kind of filters were in the sub37 or 0coast, but it's hard to go wrong with a sallen key multimode or a pair of lp/hp's since they are so cost effective and sound great.
Nice starter case you got! Would love to have that Instruo...

I’ve been laboring over this very subject myself and I’m fairly new to this as well. Listened to a ton of demos. My current filters are a Doepfer Wasp, which I love most of the time and a Tiptop Forbidden Planet, which I don’t care for nearly all of the time smile
At some point I’d love to get a Cwejman MMF-6, but they’re quite spendy even if you can find one. I really like the Verbos Four Pole as well, but it won’t quite fit into my performance case. I was torn between Three Sisters and The Joranalogue Filter 8. Wound up going with the Filter 8, but I could see me with a TS as well at some point. Once it gets here my case will likely look like this (not settled on the layout)
I sequence and sample with an Octatrack and have an Elektron Analog Four mkii as well.
Good luck!
I added a QPAS recently and it is lovely. I’ve only scratched the surface so far but for sure it’s an excellent drone/ pad filter, with a really smooth sound under slow modulation. I just need to find away to remove its inputs from my E370 outs... they seem to have melded themselves together hihi
Richard deHove
Given the limited space, how about a Font ? Very smooth sound.
I had a QPAS and SISTERS at the same time. I'd say they cover the same territory but are executed differently. I'd get something different if I were you. That Instruo might be cool
I like to put a WMD aperture on the output of a complex osc - its really good at carving out well defined areas of sound and has lots of modulation options to give really precise control - a different kind of sound to Three Sisters, so a nice contrast. Twin Peak does similar things but is "smoother" and as a bonus is also much nicer being pinged (more like Three Sisters in that respect).

On a different topic, but looking at your rack more generally - have you considered a matrix mixer in there? It is great for mixing up modulation from Batumi and gives a great degree of performance control.
If you have space and want a stereo filter module, I'd say Steady State Fate Stereo Dipole.

If you want a smaller and versatile filter, Joranalogue Filter 8
Multi Grooves
Schippmann vcf02

The architecture for control around resonance is amazing. The quality is clear to my ears.
Perhaps a Jove System 80? I think they have just come out with a 6hp version.

thanks for your suggestions. For those who are interested I ended up with the Instruo io47. I was torn between Filter 8 and the io47 but I liked the sound of the Instruo more. Here is my current set up:

Thanks for the update! I see there are some other additions too, which seem to have made for a nice looking and balanced system. Enjoy!
MarcelP wrote:
Thanks for the update! I see there are some other additions too, which seem to have made for a nice looking and balanced system. Enjoy!

Thanks for the complement! I'm considering to mix up the 1U row a bit but right now I'm happy with the system.
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