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Spooky Sale & Raffle - 2019 [NOW ENDED]
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Author Spooky Sale & Raffle - 2019 [NOW ENDED]
It's that time again! October is here and Lower West Side Studio is having its...

For the month of October 2019 EVERY MODULE IS ON SALE!

- VCOs from MFOS
- Waveshapers from Serge
- Filters from Oakley
- Slopes from Cat Girl
- Interfaces from Barton
- Mixers from Yusynth

and much, much more!

Once again we are GIVING AWAY an awesome Hexinverter SympleSEQ sequencer module to one lucky winner.

How do you enter? Simply take advantage of the excellent sale prices on ALL OF OUR MODULES from October 1st through October 31st 2019! Buy a module - get an entry. Buy a second module - get another entry, and so on....

On November 1st at 10:00AM(GMT-5) an entry will be drawn at random and the winner of the SympleSEQ will be announced.

And if that weren't enough - there is now ALWAYS A SALE at Lower West Side Studio! Purchase 4 or more modules in a single order and receive an additional 10% discount off of your order. On top of the sale!

If you've been planning a change to your MU modular system then October is the time and Lower West Side Studio is the place to get the most bang for your buck - remember.... we bill in CANADIAN DOLLARS!

Sir Ruff
Nice one!
Thanks Sir Ruff

The sale starts today and runs through the 31st at midnight (GMT-5). The raffle for the SympleSEQ will take place on the morning of November 1st at 10:00AM (GMT-5).

October seems to be the month for buggered up websites too. Unfortunately our multi-tiered price plugin wasn't working for the sale so when you add modules to your cart you will see the main sale price added to your order.

Fear not. Just build your order as usual. After you Checkout the pricing will be corrected and you will receive an email with an updated order containing all appropriate discounts and scheduled delivery dates.

You will not be billed for your order until it is ready to ship. At that time you will receive a PayPal invoice.

Sorry for the inconvenience but good help really is hard to find.

Happy Halloween! Ghost
Hey Rich,
just emailed you my order. Thanks again for offering the sale. Sweeeeeeeett!!!!
Thanks guys! Watch for a couple new modules to be added to the lineup later today. I'll post a message when they're online.

Stay Spooky! Ghost
Flareless wrote:

Stay Spooky! Ghost

for you Rich.. not hard smile
We've added a couple new products to the lineup at awesome sale prices....

CGS92 Smooth & Stepped Generator

Oakley Versatile Ramp Generator

Good luck to all the Wigglers in the raffle!
10 days in and things are getting spookier! Tic Toc - almost time to give away a sequencer.

Thanks to all the Wigglers who have already taken advantage of the great savings and good luck in the SympleSEQ raffle.

There's still time to save big on....

Barton Musical Circuits
Cat Girl Synthesizers
Moogah (the Oberheim SEM Filter)
Music From Outer Space
Oakley Modular Systems

Halloween is coming and the best way to celebrate it is to wiggle some great sounds. Let Lower West Side Studio help expand your sonic pallet!

Well the Halloween month is in full swing. The leaves are almost off the trees. Horror movies abound on television and most telling - the Spooky Sale & Raffle's Big-Bag-O-Tickets is filling up fast.

On the first of next month one of those raffle tickets will be drawn and one lucky Wiggler will receive a Hexinverter.Net SympleSEQ sequencer.

We've got a huge selection of modules to choose from so put those module lists together and save big while expanding your modular system.
I forgot to post this short clip of the SympleSEQ in action.

The SympleSEQ is a simple to use yet awesome addition to any modular system. Its small width and shallow depth make it perfect for portable systems or those where space is at a premium.

Lower West Side Studio's SympleSEQs now features a refaced panel designed with performance in mind.

In just 9 days one lucky Wiggler will receive this wonderful module FOR FREE!

Take advantage of the savings and take a chance on winning this SympleSEQ Sequencer! Click the image below to learn more...

Heads-up! Less than 1 week left to take advantage of the awesome savings and to WIN A SEQUENCER!

Click the image to learn more and save big!

Thanks again to all those Wigglers who've placed orders and good luck in the raffle!
Just 3 days left.... Time's ticking
Less than 24 hours left to take advantage of some awesome savings and to get your entries into the SympleSEQ Raffle!

Good luck to everyone already entered in the raffle! The winner will be contacted by email and an announcement will be made here on Muff's.

Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost

Congratulations to C. from Colorado on his win! May your sequences always be flawlessly timed.
Synth Con Meo
Flareless wrote:
Congratulations to C. from Colorado on his win! May your sequences always be flawlessly timed.

Yeah! Congrats to you C. from Colorado! I did just buy one SympleSEQ on sale hoping to win another but that didn't pan out. That's ok though, happy for you just the same.
Thanks Rich! looking forward to getting the SympleSEQ and the two other modules. Xmas is coming early! Got the mixer really loving it. thanks again!
Congrats Chris! I hope you enjoy the new toys.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this year's Spooky Sale.

Stay tuned... the holidays are coming and I can sense more deals on the way! It's peanut butter jelly time!
umma gumma
Congratulations C!

I received my six (yeah!) modules Rich made for me today.

They look beautiful. Very nice workmanship.

I can't wait to get them installed and fired up.

Rich kept me in the loop on the builds the entire way.

LWSS highly recommended.
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