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200e: Advice on connecting (missing) audio cable
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Author 200e: Advice on connecting (missing) audio cable

I'm after a bit of advice on behalf of my Dad. He's just bought a Buchla Skylab system, housed in a 3 boat, 18 panel case. The rear panel of one of the boats has a MIDI connector and two 1/4" audio output jacks. When it was delivered the 10-way rainbow ribbon MIDI lead wasn't connected, but my Dad connected this successfully to the back of the 225e. MIDI now works fine.

The problem is the audio jacks. They are also, as far as we can tell, not connected. See pic below:

Notice the 3-way socket on the rear panel board with the white plastic lug on it. I think this needs to be connected to the 207e somehow and there's a cable missing. Can anyone shed some light on how these sockets should be connected?

Forumcat #2 Cheers
See here; c693af2bdb4967aa6f6a4c9

207e doesn't connect to that back panel as standard.

The 225e connector (for midi) doesn't have audio outs either, so my guess is that is a panel for the easel k or something?
OK, thanks tIB, I'll pass this info on.

this is what youre looking for. it connects the 208 to 1/4" audio outs on the side of the easel case. im not sure if it works with any other module.
I have my 206e interfaced with 2 1/4" jacks on the back and it uses a cable like that but I believe it also required a small daughter card on the 206e for the interface pins. I would have to check to make sure. Probably the same for the 207e?
Thanks for all the info. Looks like those jacks are going to stay unconnected.
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