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Which sequencers go beyond 0-5V?
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Author Which sequencers go beyond 0-5V?

I'm looking into which sequencers I could use for modulations, but many seem to be limited to 0-5V.
So far I've found a RYO module that can do bipolar -5...+5V and one EMW that does 0...+10V.
I don't think using offset generators or inverters would be as flexible as having proper 0...+10 or -5...+5V sequencing options.
So if any modules apart from the ones already mentioned meet my requirements, please tell me about them wink

thx and grtz
I use the Z8000 which has jumpers you can set for output ranges.

The CV output of each sequencer can be set to 0-10V or 0-5V using the
jumpers on the back of the module. Factory set is 0-10V on all outputs.

Also for the -5 to +5 range there's the Erica Synths Mscale for the Mother 32 which is -5 to +5 v pitch input range. I just picked one up bu haven't used it yet.
Circuit Abbey's Intermix expander for the G8 does -5V to +5V.

Stages does 0 to +8V.

Honestly too big of a voltage range just makes a sequencer more difficult to tune without attenuating the output.
Verbos Multistage outputs 0-10v and is a modulation monster that blurs the line between sequence, envelope, lfo, slew, clock, etc.

Rossum Control Forge outputs -5v to +5v, can be offset for 0-10v with external module. Coincidentally, the Control Forge also blurs those sane lines.
Koma Komplex is switchable (track-to-track) between 0–2v, -1v–1v, 0-5v, -2.5v–2.5v, 0-10v and -5v–5v.

Dnipro Metamorph is jumperable (track-to-track) between 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, -2.5V to 2.5V, -5V to 5V.

Frap USTA is switchable between ±5v and 0-10v.
The Sequarallel will do +/-5V and 0-10V
Nerdseq does +/-5V and 0-10V via a toggle switch.
Tirana II has four selectable ranges, including 0 to 10V and -5V to +5V.
Komplex is rad.
The top row of Pressure Points is 0 to 8 V.
Thanks to all for the replies.
The Dnipro certainly looks promising for the price, I'll also look into the Tirana...

thx and grtz
Eloquencer has 8 V/oct CV Outputs.
IME Stillson Hammer MK2
Is this a question about the range of notes that a sequencer can generate?

Pretty much any sequencer that accepts a CV offset can generate pitches beyond (either above or below) its default range.

My XOAC Moskwa sequencer doesn't have a CV input, but it can run in 2 modes:

Unipolar: 0 volts to 10 volts each step (10 octaves)

Bipolar: -5 to +5 volts each step. In this mode the Moskwa becomes a modulation sequencer.
The new Polyend Preset does 0-10v as well, and is quite nice for modulation and sequencing.
I am guessing that offset generator and amplifiers might mess with the tuning of a sequence, or at the very least with one's confidence about the tuning.
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