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3DWaves stands
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Author 3DWaves stands
I recently bought a new release of theirs and wanted to share. They now make a stand for the Radias R, which is really just a small stand with a 4u rack face. Which is awesome because:

I'd love to give them some ++ feedback, but they apparently only communicate via Facebook. Oh well, maybe they'll read the forum. Kids these days. you kids get off my lawn

Note that only the top screws are mounted. Seems my virus holes are a less than 1mm too close together. seriously, i just don't get it I think it's the virus' fault, but it doesn't affect it so I don't really care much. If I get around to checking which is off I'll update this post.
i reached him via reverb, bought a few things from always delivers.
Awesome. This is exactly the type of thing I want for my Soma Plusar when it arrives. Thank you for sharing
computer controlled
They are a godsend. I've gotten their dual Behringer stand that fits my Neutron and my Microfreak, which is in their new Nanobod case.
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