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Marion Pro Synth - Where is the internal battery?
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Author Marion Pro Synth - Where is the internal battery?
Patch memory is gone on my Marion ProSynth, so I want to replace the internal battery. But I opened the ProSynth up and looked inside it, and there doesn’t seem to be a battery on the circuit board inside.

When I turn the ProSynth on, it behaves a bit funny. Every other note plays and playing the onboard presets doesn’t sound quite right, sometimes there is no sound at all, as well as some random patch names on the Layer presets.

Doing a system reset by holding down ‘Preset’ and ‘System’ buttons when turning it on, restores it to working condition, but the patches I save to patch memory, goes away when I turn the unit off and back on again.

How do I fix this? I want to replace the battery to get patch memory back, but I can’t find the battery on the circuit-board.
Post some photos of the internals. Can't be -that- much different from an MSR2 and those have a pretty obvious 3032. Maybe pull the board and check the underside of it.
You can look at a photo of the Marion ProSynth circuit-board here:
This link might help.
OK, I found the battery hidden underneath the small circuitboard mounted on top of the main board. I just hope I will be able to piece it all together again.

Photo of battery:
Can anyone confirm the specification of the battery used in the Marion ProSynth?

The diameter of the battery on the ProSynth circuit boards is approx 25mm. The CR2032 diameter is only 20mm, the CR3032 is 30mm, so according to Wikipedia, that suggests the battery used is eiter CR2412, CR2430, CR2450 or CR2477 at 24.5mm.

‘sizone’ - you suggest it’s a 3032 battery on the Marion MRS2, how critical is it - can I use a CR3032 on the ProSynth, even if the current one could be a CR24xx?
As long as the battery in there isn't rechargeable, replacing it with a 3032 and a clip holder will be fine.
OK thanks!

I can find a clip holder for the CR2032 battery on eBay:

I can't find one for the CR3032 online. Will a CR2032 also work?
I managed to replace the battery and get the ProSynth working again.

Here’s a pic of the battery for reference. It is located under the small 2nd level circuitboard, so you need to unscrew the two main circuitboards, separate them and then access the screws to the 2nd level circuitboard on the underside of the main board it is attached to. Once you have separated the boards, you will see the battery.

The battery that was installed was a CR2430 battery, but I replaced it with a CR2032 that I managed to get a battery holder with wires for (to ease installation next time - I don’t have to unscrew the circuitboards again).

Battery with holder can be bought on eBay:

The ProSynth now works fine. I did a system reset once I had a new battery installed (hold down ‘PRESET’ and ‘SYSTEM’ buttons as you turn the ProSynth ON - the system & presets then reloads to factory setting).
Thanks for all this! Saved the info, in case my Prosynth decides to give up the (electrical) ghost.
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