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Q106 mods??
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Author Q106 mods??
Hi all,

I would like add a fine tune pot for all my Q106 VCO's,somebody know how to proceed maybe shématics and explanations?
This VCO is amazing but i don't like the hard sync too,if i compare the Q106 and my Curetronic VCO's,the Q106 do nothing spécial...Possible to replace the hard sync by a soft sync?
Thank you nanners
There's a header on the PCB for soft sync in and one for a control pot for soft sync amount. Check out

You could make your own expander panel or pick up the q141 expander or the q106ACK conversion kit to add that control to your q106
Wow screaming goo yo thank you,it's more easier than i throught!!
Saddly,The shipping cost from Dotcom are too much expensive for E.U,i prefer find another solution..but the Q106ACK is awesome!

For to add a fine tune pot any ideas?
Nope! no ideas

when I want to fine tune I usually patch it in. I'll patch a knob from somewhere else into the exp. frequency input that has an attenuator knob and turn it down low. Then I can just use the attenuator knob as the fine tune
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