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Viable alternative to Volgen power brick?
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Author Viable alternative to Volgen power brick?
I'm having some noise issues with the Meanwell power bricks, and looking for a Volgen KTPS90-1506 equivalent.

Digikey doesn't stock that Volgen, and I'm hesitant to order something based on wattage/amperage specs, considering that the Meanwells are spec'd the same.

I bought the Volgen a few years ago because the Meanwells were interfering with my Rene, and in my testing works fine. One half of my case is powered by the Volgen

So what is the current, easily available recommended power brick? I would buy the Volgen if I could find a source that stocks it in the US.
The ones Digikey had work for me. The important thing is ensuring they have the 3 prong power cables so you have a proper ground. I have Meanwells like this that work great.
The 3 pronged Meanwells I have do not work. That is my problem.
Here's what I bought - will report back with my findings. ha2pyFaduipS%252Bi6BXJceXUjT4%2F%2FosNwbva%2F49ewAR4eWakZfkxB5w%3D%3D& fbclid=IwAR3qDceC_CZcUe_pKc3wzRufvvV_YbOEfda7IB_ciLcZdNFGWQfl12TXH2s[/ url]
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