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ES-9 with line level out
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Author ES-9 with line level out
I understand that the ES-9's 3.5mm outputs are designed to send audio / cv into a modular setup. Would it be a bad idea to instead use the internal mixer to attenuate each output and then send audio to an external mixing board?
You could do that. No need to use the internal mixer though - just attenuate it in the DAW before sending it out to the ES-9.

If indeed you need to. Many mixers will take modular level signals perfectly happily.
Thanks Os,

I have to say I'm still cautious as there seems to be an idea that Line level and Eurorack level signals should be kept in their own "worlds". Is that just a pro-audio / gain staging kind of best practice? I thought there is a risk that gear can blow up if the levels are too hot.

Do you have any tips on how to tell if my mixer will take the signals happily, or not?
Do you have the tech specs for the mixer?

There's an easy test though. Connect a VCO or something to the mixer, via an attenuator. Start fully attenuated. Turn it up until it starts distorting. That's your maximum level. If it doesn't distort, the mixer can handle it.
Great suggestion about the test. I tried it and no clipping. Looks like the maximum input for my mixer is +28 dBu, which is just under 20 Volts, so plenty of room given Eurorack's maximum 10V

For anyone else here, there's a thread that has lots of examples of people using external mixers in a similar way:

Chugging Beers
Sorry for hijacking your thread, I’m a new user, so I can’t create new thread.

Just got my es-9, what an amazing module.
The only thing I’m missing is a physical knob for the main outs, now I risk blowing my speakers if I connect it directly to my monitors. A feature request from me would be that if you press the phones level knob, it would switch to attenuate the main outs.
Then I could use it as my only sound card with no external mixer on my mini rack/iPad setup.
Now I use the phones out, and I’m fortunate that my speakers can take line in, but it would be much better to be able to use the balanced out.

Don’t know if it’s possible, just sharing some thoughts.
Es-9, amazing module, I’m so impressed, luv it.

Regards Bob
You could use the config tool to lower the main output level (in the mixer).
Ah, didn’t think about that, thanx for the reply. Very flexible module
I think that there should be a warning not to directly connect the ES-9 to your monitors without changing the levels in the config tool (maybe there is somewhere but I missed it). I naively did this and shat myself when sound came out. Luckily my monitors were OK.
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