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Multiple sequencers to a single voice
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Author Multiple sequencers to a single voice
For my live setup I want to have 3-4 different sequencers/note generation sources that share the same pool of voices. For example, at the beginning of my set, Marbles is using the voices for some generative stuff but then later Hermod and a keyboard are using the same voices for some preprogrammed melodies + keyboard improv. I don't want to have to repatch anything live. Can I just use a 4 channel mixer to route multiple v/oct sources into a single voice? I would only be sending v/oct cv from once source at a time so not worried about the cv adding together. For the triggers I was planning to use OR logic modules. Is anyone else doing this? If so, what is your setup? Thanks.
I was using the doepfer a-185-2 precision adder for this because of the physical switches which allow for easy switching between sequences/voltages. Now I’m using Selector which is a Pulplogic 1u tile. It uses a five way switch to either switch between or add 3 voltage sources (although you can only add 2 at a time). Between the two the Doepfer has some advantages but the Pulplogic one works well enough and I like having utilities in the 1u row when I can find them.

A DC coupled mixer will work in theory but not all of them are spec’d for pitch related cv. I know Mutable Shades is - I’m sure there are others but I don’t know them off hand.

The plan to use OR logic would work for your gates. Since you’re only sending one sequence at a time you could use a dc coupled mixer for your gates.
I think you might want a switch matrix if you want to avoid re-patching (you mentioned 3-4 sequences against a "pool" of voices).
This module might work for you:

I haven't used it, but it looks like you can assign each of your 3-4 sequences to an input, then manually switch which sequence goes to a particular output. It looks pretty cheap too.

There are other modules, like the WMD SSM or Livestock Maze that would work, but might be overkill for just this purpose.
If you want an automated fade, consider one of the Doepfer quad VCAs.
You might also consider the Doepfer a-138i interrupting mixer.
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