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disting mk4 firmware 4.8 - LFOs don't do what I expect
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Author disting mk4 firmware 4.8 - LFOs don't do what I expect
Hey All!

I'm still a modular neophyte, but I'm trying to get some sound out of the M1 (delayed LFO) setting on my Disting mk4 and it doesn't sound anything like in the video by Expert Sleepers

I've got Yarns sending MIDI thusly:

Yarns Gate --> disting X
Yarns CV --> disting Y

Then plugging disting A into Rosie for the output, the best I can do is get a constant low hum and some clicking when I hit a key on my MIDI controller.

I'm sure this is something stupid so I apologize in advance.

Thanks to all you wonderful weirdos who help me justify spending all my time on this smile


I don’t know if this will help your specific problem, but updating to the latest software revision shouldn’t hurt. As of this writing, the Disting MkIV is up to version 4.13 It's peanut butter jelly time!

I suggest bringing your unit up to the current release, then you’ll have the benefit of all known bug fixes. smile
That's the sound of an LFO! You need to patch the output of the Disting to the frequency CV input of an audio rate oscillator to get a sound similar to the video you linked to.
LFO stands for "low frequency oscillator" and in this case "low frequency" is usually defined as "lower than audio rate". That means it's so low frequency humans can't hear it.

That's why you need to do as rurs said and plug the output into an audio rate oscillator (usually just called an "oscillator" without mentioning the "audio rate" part), if you want to hear anything. (Though this is far from the only thing you can do with an LFO. They're very useful!)
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