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generative system speck what do you think?
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Author generative system speck what do you think?
sound warrior
hi everyone, I hope your all well. below is my generative system speck the plan is to have mutable instruments marbles as the centre peace and to use it to control midi gear including drum machines and samplers. The quantiser will be used for making sure the rite midi notes go to a drum machine or sampler. please tell me what you think of the speck and what you think of my plan to use marbles to control midi gear. I could probably use software to do this but I'm totally blind and the software is not accessible to me I look forward to your thoughts kind regards trey.
Generative modular sequencer speck

Mutable instruments marvels 18hp
addac227 quantizer 10hp
addac222 cv to midi converter 16hp
Shack ma t modular clock pawn 6hp
Erica synths midi to clock v2 6hp
batumi 10hp
pico random 3hp
mults 6hp
What you have seems fun. I would recommend getting some reviews of the CV to Midi converter before you buy it. Just based on skimming the forum, those type of modules tend to be quirky.

Fake edit: Paranormal Patroler has it and thinks highly of it. See this thread

The Shakmat has a MIDI input, so I asume the Erica module is to send midi clock out? If so, you might want to look at this module from Ladik which sends clock and transport info out and is cheaper.
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