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[BUILD] YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank
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Author [BUILD] YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank
I wanted a module to fill a gap in an otherwise fully populated Oakley system that I've been DIY building over the last few years, and saw this as the type of filter that aficionados (and I'm just a relative noobie) think is a requirement in any system of worth. Also, although I've built a couple of MFOS modules I haven't tried YuSynth. I thought I'd share a few pictures of the build process as I am always inspired when I see what other people have done. First off, parts laid out to assemble the front panel. The panel itself is my version of the YuSynth panel layout prepared in Front Panel Designer and made by Schaeffer, it is 3U wide so large in comparison to most of my modules, but it looks right and is finger friendly. Other componets are smalls trips of Veroboard to help with pot mounting and wiring and, a PCB mounting board and brackets from Soundtronics which is where I bought the PCB.

Panel assembled with PCB mounting board attached, wiring for pot 0V added and panel ground wiring in place.

I've made a very minor modification to the PCB so that I can separate out the signal paths for 0V and Panel ground. This is to ensure the grounding regime is compatible with the Oakley system which separates these out so they only meet back at the PSU board. The mod is to cut a very short copper trace linking one of the front panel ground connections to 0V and add a short wire to connect it directly to a spare pin on the 6-pin power header. I would normally have used the 4 pin MOTM power header but the two middle pins are linked together on the PCB and can't be separated.

A couple of pictures showing the front-panel wiring in place, not very neat but the best I can do.

Quite fiddly at times and needs a steady hand with the soldering iron to avoid touching the plastic wire coatings, I find blu tack an excellent technical aid to hold things in place.

The finished module!

Advice and suggestions from those who can help on how best to use this module would be much appreciated. It is now tested and as far as I can tell everything is working. In the limited testing I've done there appears to be no bleed through when all the pots are set to minimum, both inputs and all three output sockets are working correctly. I'm not quite sure how to utilise the different gain on the two input sockets, again any tips would help.
Very nice! Neatly done. I don't really understand the thinking behind using those pot mount boards - it looks like you're using flying wiring anyway, so they're not really doing anything special.

I don't know exactly how the 2 inputs are configured, but i suspect it's the regular thing where one is better for line level input and the other is optimized for modular levels. Experiment and find out what sounds right to you. If you run modular level into the line level input, you might get some clipping, which may or may not sound good to you.

BTW I can move this over to Music Tech DIY if you want.
This filter is the next on my DIY list,actually i run in my 5U system with a A128 Doepfer ré panelised in MU format...sound good but i want to try this one..
Where it come your PCB?Soundtronics?
sduck : thank-you for the feedback. The thinking behind the pot mount boards was two-fold, it makes it slightly easier and neater for me to use the stripboard to solder the off-board wiring to it, and, it provides a means to prevent the pots from twisting when being turned, the alternative would have been to have put small drill holes in the back of the panel in which to have located the 'lock pin' on the pot. I thought this would add to the cost of an already expensive panel so decided against it.

If this is in the wrong forum then please feel free to move it, although I am quite happy for it to remain under 5U.

croute : the PCB, mounting panel and brackets were bought from Soundtronics in the UK, note that I have used the MFOS Universal mounting brackets sold separately by Soundtronics to attach the PCB mounting panel to the front panel. The alternative is to have two holes drilled through the front panel to attach the Soundtronics mounting bracket. I didn't want to do that.
I'm interesting can be this FFB modified to control filters via cv instead of knobs?
johny_gtr wrote:
I'm interesting can be this FFB modified to control filters via cv instead of knobs?

Sure. You just need to add 14 VCAs. Which is not so hard as it might sound at first. 7 13700 or 3-1/2 SSM or coolaudio 2164s will do nicely. Would use the 2164's and have the two 'extra' in the third chip handle overall volume (odd-even) or use for a wet/dry/mix/bypass option.
Excellent symmetry of the panel knobs
-1 for asymmetric socket count
+1 for blue tac

I'd like audio comparison of odd vs even cells...
My Doepfer FFB doesn't have this option.

Yours sincerely
Excellent symmetry of the panel knobs
-1 for asymmetric socket count
+1 for blue tac

Pav, I appreciate your positive response to the symmetry of the panel knobs and I accept the +1 for the appropriate use of blue tac, a top tip given to me by yourself as I recall.

Your comment on the layout of the sockets however is a little harsh, this was carefully considered in the design layout to ensure there would be nothing to obstruct mounting the PCB on the reverse side. The layout I've chosen ensures this is not a problem so I've concluded that panel Feng Shui should be an ideal constrained by practical application. Failure to have taken into account the physical aspects of building the module could well have earnt the unenviable accolade of Slapdash.

Tech Support
I withdraw my -1 unreservedly. SlayerBadger!
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