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2hp modules w/ 4hp faceplates
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Author 2hp modules w/ 4hp faceplates
2hp has some really fun looking modules, but sadly the ones i'm interested would benefit from manual wiggling - comb and freeze mainly.. and the form factor isn't really conducive to that.

i realize i can just leave room in the rack and probably stick a couple davies on there.. but the aesthetics!!! zombie zombie has anyone rolled their own 4hp faceplates for 2hp modules?

thinking about it, this might be better in the DIY section, but i was secretly hoping to spark a wider conversation about practicality of the size. i'm not trying to offend 2hp or turn people off from buying their modules, it's a fantastic company with rock solid products. i'm just looking for some options for giving some wiggle room.
I’ve actually never had a problem except if I put two 2hp modules next to each other. I have kind of small hands though.

Would it be easier and maybe cheaper to put a 1hp blank on either side if you need extra wiggle room?
I have a few 2hp modules (pluck, verb, avert) and I find that putting them at the edges of my case helps a lot with tweakbility. It's only when they're jammed between other modules that their size is kind of a pain.
2 X 1hp blank panels... OR, depending on your layout, 1 X 2hp (not the company) blank panel on the side you're most likely to attack from.

No precision drilling required...
sutekina bipu-on
It seems like a lot less work to just get Ladik modules since theyre almost all 4hp and tend to be more functional than 2hp (the brand) modules since theres more room for components and controls, and cheaper than 2hp's new.

I have three 2hp modules next to each other and its a nightmare trying not to adjust the wrong module. Almost impossible actually.

Take it from someone who replaced most of their 2hp modules and most used Disting functions with dedicated 4hp modules.
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