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Filters with modes crossfade
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Author Filters with modes crossfade
Hi everyone,

I was watching DivKid's video about Ritual Electronics Altar and I'd like to know more filters with continuous transition between different modes.

Would you recommend one?

I have the Doepfer A-107 that lets you create morphing filters across 36 different types. thumbs up
Rossum Linnaeus blends between modes.

Intellijel Morgasmatron has a crossfader

I say filters with simultaneous outs of all modes would be more flexible

Assuming you already have those filters, so maybe just getting a crossfader module would suffice, you'd have more control over the crossfade, for example you could ringmod the bandpass and distort the highpass, before you send them to the crossfader to crossfade between the filters. Way more flexibility than being locked into the crossfade built into the module itself. That's the point of modular anyways.

Also if you're crossfading the signals externally from the module you can split it and do cool asymmetrical stereo parallel processing, with different filter flavors on left and right. With the altar you only get the one out

I'd Recommend the wmd Blender. You could get quite a complex non-linear crossfade of 4 filter signals (in ANY order you want not just the built in linear order BP>LP>HP that comes with the altar) with all the CVable crossfade options.
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