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Looking for good patchs using some Random Source modules
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Author Looking for good patchs using some Random Source modules
Hello folks !
I have already an R*S VCFQ and an R*S SSG. I will have in a few days an R*S DUSG and an R*S Seq8XL.
My aim is to patch all these four R*S modules altogether, or at least two or three of them altogether.
Any idea about good patchs in this context ?

This is a cool resource

for serge 4u, but applies to the 3u random source stuff too
Oh, i know very well that site. It's very good to know about each Serge module.
But what i am looking for is a bit different. I am looking for patchs using the four R*S modules i told. For example, has someone patched DUSG and a SSG ? How ? And for what result ?
Doug Lynner's YouTube channel? He is Mr Serge. I noticed a Serge patch pop up on Todd Barton's recently too.

I take it you've had a deep dive into the 4U forum...?
There are some tricks out there for patching the DUSG. I feel they would be easy to find. Same goes for SSG patches. These modules have been around for years! Search away! The Internet is at your fingertips
I think you don't get exactly my point. Patching a DUSG as an oscillator or an AR or something else isn't a problem at all. But patching in a clever way a DUSG with an SSG could be a bit more tricky. Or a SSG with a Seq8XL. Or Seq8XL with a DUSG...
Some tips ?
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