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batumi vs tides vs whatever for my set up
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Author batumi vs tides vs whatever for my set up

I want to add some modulation sources for my set up, which looks like this.

I use it both in stand alone and with ableton, together with a few volcas (kick, FM and drum)

While in ableton I have 4 extra CV outs, via Presonus studio 1810

- With DFAM and O-coast I have enough sound sources; I love the way both sound.
- The 2hp Euclid I use as a sequencer or clock divider
- The SQ-1 is great fun plus a good midi to CV device
- I love maths but I have just scratched the surface, I want some extra LFOs to free it from that use
- Veils I do not use much yet, is a recent addition I still do not fully understand
- Appart from the multi in Links I have few passive multis in the form of cables and PO sync splitter x2 (they do work great)
- Disting mk4 is a nice multipurpose module, a must have fpor small set ups

I have 15hp free left, first I was thinking of adding batumi plus poti , but then I thought maybe better batumi plus kinks (as my set up is small the more features the better), and then I thought about some of MI modules like tides or stages and as a result of too much thinking my brain is getting to getting way to hot help

I preffer to buy second hand if possible, and of course I am open to your suggestions

sutekina bipu-on
Who not get a multi lfo unit (love noise reap uloaf) and then spend a while learning everything you have really well?
Stages would be a good fit. Plenty modulation capabilities and a very versatile module to boot. Worth checking out Divkid's video.
Batumi is good for bread and butter LFOs. Zadar from Xaoc might feel a bit more exciting. Pamela’s New Workout from ALM is a great modulation source too. (Mind, both alternatives I presenten only goes 0-5v, not -5-5v.)
Mark II
I have both Tides (v1) and Batumi. Completely different beasts.
If your aim is to not overheat your brain, I would go for Batumi. Straightforward quad LFO, with a lot of added features in the other modes. You would need VCAs with that, but as you have veils you’re good.

Tides can work as an LFO as well, but then its just one.
noise reap uloaf looks nice but maths already cover that I would say; regarding some other suggestions I do preffer true lfos with positive and negative voltage.

Batumi plus kinks is my first option, stages at 14hp would mean no kinks then.

One other nice option would be Quad LFO by Malekko Heavy Industry, even nicer I would say. Only thing is that at 12hp that would mean no kinks either. But still would have 3hp left for something nice.

I have to do some more research and as you say spend more time learning to use well what I already own.

Also, I forgot to say sometimes I use SQ-1 as an lfo, short of. I can make sequences , 1 x up to 16 steps or 2x up to 8 steps with or without slides and use it to modulate any cvs. It works nice too
Kermit is another option for LFOs, and also doubles as nice sounding VCOs... I use mine pretty frequently for both purposes.
Kermit is a nice obe indeed..amd acording to modulargrid mk3 is about to be released!!
I really don't see Tides as a quad/multi-modulator LFO station at all so would not compare it to a Batumi or Stages. I'd describe as either a really neat, versatile oscillator, or a neat, versatile single LFO (or simple envelope), with four available simultaneous variants on the outputs. Using the x4 output I tend to do frequency division (I have a v2) at audio rate because that produces astoundingly pleasing drones/rhythmic results, something I doubt anything else listed can do quite like it; it's one of the more unique (and quite pleasing IMO) offerings out there, but for pure function/HP it wouldn't be the one.

As you already see, the next Kermit is on its way soon and I'm fully expecting bee's knees status from it, since it'll have uploadable wavetables and preset morphing to make absolutely wild LFOs or oscillators alike.

Zadar was already pointed out and may be a contender as well, as you can loop its wonky envelopes and get LFOs, although it generally feels much more natural as an envelope generator to me. It's also not remotely as fast/intuitive as working a Batumi but can also do literally hundreds more shapes as its output options that functionally go up to uncountable since the shapes can be manipulated a lot too. So either that or the Kermit probably will get you the most exciting results, I'd think.
yes, the Zadar IS very exciting! Absolutely HUGE selection of waveforms
Zadar can be looped and is actually very ”fast/intuitive”. You can save a setup where all envelopes are looped and then, in seconds, just pick the shape for the patch you are working on.
I found a good deal on a kinks which I also wanted for sometime now, so I have 11hp left on my case, so tides and stages will not fit anymore.

I will start doing some extra research on Batumi, Kermit and Zadar wich all are 10hp in size. Kermit mk3 will have to wait, is 12hp and no way to find it second hand as it has not even been released yet.

Thank you all!!
Buttons ARE toys
Just FIY, since you have 11hp left, if you do get the Batumi you can get a 1hp jumper switch module that replaces all the functions of Poti.
Doepfer has a quad LFO with no CV in 4HP. I had a batumi and I sold it because I could hear the stepping at 80Hz. I was using it as an audio source most of the time so probably my fault for trying to do something it was never designed to do. I love batumi but I hate the sound. If you get batumi just make sure your use case is < 20 Hz.
Hello again, I found a good deal on a kermit and went for that.
Kermit and kinks it is..

lisa wrote:
Zadar can be looped and is actually very ”fast/intuitive”. You can save a setup where all envelopes are looped and then, in seconds, just pick the shape for the patch you are working on.

Ooh! This sounds interesting, but I don't fully understand...can you explain a bit more about how you're using this...maybe with an example?

I have a Zadar, and know how to loop, chain and, I understand the mechanics. But I'm intrigued by learning more about how you're using these functions in practice.

seta666 wrote:
Hello again, I found a good deal on a kermit and went for that.
Kermit and kinks it is..


Kermit is sick sick sick fap fap fap...
Pons asinorum for a skinny quad LFO or quad envelope or mix thereof.
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