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Monorocket Case Hum
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Author Monorocket Case Hum
I have an older (I think 1st gen) Monorocket case that now, after a few hours of use, starts to hum. By this I mean that the actual case hums, not that it introduces hum in to the audio chain. I assume this cannot be a good thing and most likely means that the power is going. Should I not be powering it on? Replace the power supply?
There was definitely something wrong with the power supply in those cases around 2011. Mine was replaced, but I never got an answer to what exactly the problem was, unfortunately.
There was bad hum/vibration from the toroidal transformer, but the hum was also audible in some sensitive circuits (I remember my Pittsburgh analog delay was unusable)
I'd be curious if someone knew if replacing the transformer would fix it, or if there's a problem somewhere else in the design.
Replacing the whole power supply (but maybe keeping the bus boards) may be the easiest fix though.
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