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Announcing: Leap // Livestock // Linkable ADSR & LFO
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Author Announcing: Leap // Livestock // Linkable ADSR & LFO
LiveStock Electronics

Hi All!

I am also happy to announce Leap along with a new look:

Ever need to apply DC offset or attenuation to your modulation sources? Want to create complex modulations using an ADSR and LFO? Need a heat packing modulation source in a small package? Jump right in and feel the Leap!
Leap is an ADSR and LFO with built in DC offset and Attenuversion. The envelope and lfo are to be used individually, however the lfo's frequency and amplitude can be modulated internally by the adsr to create a complex modulation source or a simple drum.
The envelope stages can be modulated, with attenuversion for the cv inputs. And the lfo responds to V/oct (+-5V) or can be synced to a clock.

- Adsr envelope with DC offset and attenuverter.
- Adsr stages cv controllable with attenuverters.
- Adsr curve log/exp to short linear to long linear.
- Looping Adsr
- Lfo with DC offset and attenuverter.
- Lfo cv controllable with sync or v/oct.
- Lfo internal FM and AM by Adsr.
- Lfo phase/pulse width control
- 6 Selectable Lfo waves.

Width 10HP
Depth Back 25MM
Depth Front 25MM
Weight 133Gr
Power @ +12V 110mA
Power @ -12V 30mA

Price: 165 euro excl. VAT, 200 euro incl. VAT

More info here
Manual here
Modulargrid here

Also Ellis is coming out. smile

Looks like an excellent module - congratulations on the release!

I also absolutely love the new look. I liked the whimsical green designs they had previously, but these just look much more sophisticated and badass SlayerBadger!
LiveStock Electronics
Thanks! It felt right to change something up, so the look matches the functionality more. I tried to think about how I would approach the aesthetic if I could do it all over again. And be just as happy with the end result. So it ended up being a retro futuristism look inspired by Tron, Back to the Future and Knight Rider. smile
Severed head
again looks like a really cool module
ill put an order in when I can find it in USA

but ill be searching for a great panel.
referring to the same idea as I thought about ELLiS..
Oh wow, now that is cool!
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