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Fuck iTunes
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Author Fuck iTunes
I’ve been having massive audio issues recently in that tracks I’m exporting are the completely wrong sample rate. Well it turns out it was iTunes that decided to take control of everything, and was dropping stuff to my desktop at 48k instead of 44.1.

I uninstalled it today, and the core bit rate dropped back to 44.1 but now all my Cubase projects are slower (ugh) and new test recordings made both in Cubase and Ableton are populated (as per the properties of the file) but make 0 noise whatsoever on playback.

I feel I’m close to figuring this out, but I’m wondering what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance
I think the world agrees. Apple are FINALLY scrapping it.

Are you saying the audio files do not contain any data?
Thanks for the response!

They do have data in them! But not a single sound. I imported the wav back into Cubase, to see the data, but it was empty. However, in properties it’s showing that the file is populated. It’s a weird situation!!!
are you on a Mac? I can't think how iTunes would be involved in any of this.

Seems to me your audio interface settings are a more likely culprit.
Indeed, doesn't sound it come from Itunes, sounds more like a routing problem
I fixed it this morning. I took a sick day at work with the intention of getting to the bottom of it. Turns out, iTunes had in fact set my entire core bit rate up at 48k. Deleting it brought it back to 44.1 and it was simply a matter of me resetting the bit rate in Cubase and Ableton to 44.1. Now...

Next step is to figure out why my pre existing tracks are playing slower, and won’t play nicely. If a track had VSTs, they transfer fine. Any audio (which I have quite a bit), will slow down and thus, be out of sync.
I agree --

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